March 29, 2009


I was supposed to be posting about a house party I was at today. I still am, sort of. But this post isn't what I had in mind when I decided to blog. Anyhow sha, this one is a question I'm throwing to you guys, so I need answers. The story is, I was at this house party like I said and there were a lot of young ladies. But I knew only one of these girls and since she was busy getting drunk, and none of the dudes caught my attention, I decided to sit back and watch the body language of some of the girls.(I can freakingly read body language. I can tell you how people really feel about each other by watching them) Anyways, enough about my talents. lol. So, as I was observing, this chic came in. She was a beautiful girl. She had really long dreadlocks, a couple of tattoos on her boobs and the dark lips of a smoker. As soon as she walked in, she bacame the life of the party. Everyone was calling her, talking to her and talking about her. The funny thing is that at this party, there were both married couples and singles. So I asked my friend "is she married?" "naaaw, but she's searching". I kept on looking around and the non-verbal communication between chic and one sexy dude (who happened to be married) caught my eye. There was a certain kind of akwardness between the both of them. I asked my friend "see that dude over there? Who's his wife?" she points her out to me. She's also pretty but not as much as chic. I was curious so I asked my friend for some background info on them. From what she told me, chic used to go out with dude but he ended up marrying this other girl. After a while, chic and I were introduced and a couple of us got into a conversation and someone asked chic when she was going to get married.

CHIC- These things have a pattern. First of, find the man, get the ring, then comes the marriage. Now, I have the men but no ring yet and so no wedding for now.

When she said that, I looked her up and down and I have to say that any man would be proud to introduce her as his girlfriend but wife? I don't know. Why don't y'all decide?

Guys, pls answer this as guys and ladies, pls pretend to be guys for a minute.

Would you date a girl who has dreadlocks down to her back? Now, would you marry a girl who has dreadlocks down to her back?

Would you date a girl who has tattoes on her boobs? Now, would you marry a girl who has tattoes on her boobs?

Would you date a girl who smokes like a chimney? Now, would you marry a girl who smokes like a chimney?

Would you date a girl who hates anything to do with the kitchen including cleaning and cooking? Now would you marry a girl who hates anything to do with the kitchen including cleaning and cooking?

Would you date a girl who has had sex with almost all of your friends? Now, would you marry a girl who has had sex with almost all of your friends?

Would you date a girl who everyone knows as a club girl? Now, would you marry a girl who everyone knows as a club girl?

I could go on and on but I'm sure you get my point and since I'm using my phone, my fingers ache so, I'll stop here. I want answers people!!! lol


JustDB said...

well.. hate to sound jusgemental but unless I was a celebrity that needed the eye cany potential more I wouldn't even look twice.. But then she wouldn't look twice in my direction with all these looks too....

scribble, said...

dreadlocks- Yes/yes

tattooes - Yes/yes...these are just the ways she chooses to express herself. this is her. her personality and character aren't affected by her look.

smokes - no/no...i cant date or marry a smoker. I hate the way smokers smell and I dont like being around it

kitchen - yes/maybe...if she's willing to learn to work in the kitchen, then yes, I cant do ALL the cooking

sex with my friends- yes/no...i've said before, i will not have my best man winking at me at my wedding

club girl - yes/maybe...she needs to be willing to give up the club life...set a more responsible example fore the kids

Good Naija Girl said...

None of the guys I know would date a girl like her, talk less marry her. The smoking seems to be a huge turnoff for a lot of guys, that and the having slept with most of your friends. Yikes! Sure, some guys would love to have her on their arm/in their bed temporarily but anything longer term (even just as a girlfriend) would be hard I imagine.

What type of women do guys marry? Well someone pointed me in the direction of a book called Why Men Marry Some Women And Not Others so once I finish reading I'll have to ask our Naija men if they agree with the book!

Cappuccine Baby said...

Lol the smoking is enough to stop many guys I know in their tracks :D

My World said...

Thx 4 the Banky update. new album?
Love the opening pix as well.

RocNaija said...

I was just going to nag about how hard it is switching between two windows on a phone screen but seeing as u posted from yours.. Make I gentle..

Gotta agree with s.m.f. on most points though asides from the last one.. A lady can club all she wants as long as it doesn't become an open secret..

That makes it a longgggg tin..

miz-cynic said...


miz-cynic said...

@smf:-how liberal!im impressed , who wlda thot.

BSNC said...

none of the above( that is becasue i am pretending to be a guy).. so i don't really know.

Scarlet said...

ave tried thinking about this like a guy but its not working. so i'm looking at it from the perspective that if my brother or guy friend wants to marry a girl with all these characteristics i would advise them to forget her sharply!!

From my point of view, no one is perfect so one or two of the things you mentioned might be okay for some....more than that is probably a red flag she might not make a good wife.

Bibi said...

DAMN THIS FONE! I already typed out my replies then it just cancelled eeeeverything. *sigh* l have to do it all over again. *sigh*

Buttercup said...

hmm..speaking on behalf of my bro..i doubt if he'd date a person with most of those characterisics, talk less of marrying one....not that he's a prude or anything of the sort, but yea..

i wanna get a tattoo tho! :P

Smaragd said...

My brothers wouldn't. But me as a guy, I could if at the bottom of it all the inner person is good, loving et al. It's her essence that matters after all.

but then i'm not a guy, so...


my parents would cuss me out though! lol

Bibi said...

JUST DB- lol @ celebrity eye candy.

SCRIBBLES- hmmm... maybe I should get a tattoo. One that says "scribble on me"

GOOD NAIJA GIRL- my point exactly, what kind of girls do guys marry?


Bibi said...

MY WORLD- thanx. And thanx for stopping by

ROCNAIJA- thanks for not giving me a hard time. See why I e-love you? lol

MIZCYNIC- I know right? Who would have tot? lol

BSNC- abi o!

Bibi said...

SCARLET- lol @ forget her sharply

BUTTERCUP- didn't you hear scribbles, it is a way of expressing yourself. lol

SMARAGD- parents! Gotta love em

Thanks for stopping by y'all. Preciate it.

jhazmyn said...

Ok, i did a quick run down with my bro and yes/no,for dreadlocks, kitchen and smoking and clubbing but no/no for tatoo, sex with friends (although he says he can join the even some of the wild guys want to settle wit a dramaless girl..

Bibi said...

JHAZMYN- lol. I guess so.

Repressed One said...

Is that the definition of a "Bad Girl?"
I'd be quick to say MOST Naija men will NOT marry her. They will date her cos it might be the thing to do but marry? wussai!!. But then again it's the so called bad girls that get married who is marrying them?

Anonymous said...

Call me a prude but I think the answers are pretty much very obvious the truth is for the very many, no matter how wild we are, we seek for some sort of stability in our married lives the answer, for me, is yes/no in every respect...

Sexkitten said...

Dreadlocks-yes. I love dreadlocks.

Tattoos- yes.

Smokes- no

Kitchen, yes. I can't cook so I can't have double standards.

Sex with my friends-no


abster said...

watching body language at parties is one of the best things to do at dry parties.

lol love this post

Au Naptural said...

Hmph! You'd be surprised how many chimney smoking whores are getting married these days. Sorry, that was my bitter side coming out.

And for those men who said no to dreads. I'm curious. Why not? And yes I have dreads and no they're not down my back... yet.

*goes back to corner* LOL!

Arewa said...

speaking for the typical naija man he'd probably d that kinda girl but think 2ce about marrying her. and if he does he will treat her like SHIT because everytime he sees his friend's virginal wife he will compare her and she will come up short. except of course, if they're both badasses. then they will make love, roll up blunts and put on MI's cd track 9!! - very unlikely.

*Diane* said...

love this post. I'm obviously a lady, so i guess i'd answer from that perspective: my babe has yes to that question. yes to tattoos, But no to smoking, sex w/ my friends

Anonymous said...

The baddest girls always get married... The man either accepts them as they are or they pretend... These things are no bar to getting a man to want to marry you... Its just will she want to marry him? the onus is always on the man... and yes I know it is mostly men doing the proposing, but there seems to be no regard for what a woman wants. She should just take whatever wants her as long as he is halfway decent. Na wa.