May 10, 2009


Hey y'all, whats good? first of all, i have to apologize to everyone who commented on my previous posts. i haven't been replying your comments because i haven't had a computer at my disposal for a while now. So i've been using my phone to hop in and out of blogsville for the past couple of weeks. Anyways, i know the topic has you itching. sugar daddy? well, i have to disappoint you a little. i don't have a real life sugar daddy. At least not the last time i checked. lol. But i kinda have one that provides for me. Before y'all get on my case, lemme explain. So, last summer i decided to spoil myself with a new phone. A rather expensive one but i was willing to buy it and so i did. Or i think i did. since i use tmobile, i gave them a call and ordered the phone. The customer representative guy told me that they would send me the bill (which was $380) along with my monthly, so i kukuma chilled. My monthly bill came and it was just the way it always was. no 380 included. Being a christian babe that i am (clears throat) i called them and told them that they forgot to send me the phone bill. They said they would the next month and i said okay. Next month came and went, no phone bill. Imagine me and my mouth wen dey scratch me, i called them again! imagine that! i know, i know, but sometimes my conscience makes me do things...*sighs* Anyways, i called them again and they told me the same thing. "we will include the cost to your next month's bill". The next bill sha came again and like before, the phone cost was not in it. This time i didn't call them to tell them anything o! na their business be that. Months went by and early January this year, i decided to axt stupid and receive a phone call while i was standing in the rain waiting for a bus although i had an umbrella. Matter of fact, it was BSNC who i was talking to so blame her for me. lol. Anyways, after the phone call i got home and tried using my precious but it was off and refused to come on. I called the tmobile people and they asked me to check that lil paper at the battery side of the phone that was supposed to be white? Mine was pink! That meant that the phone had been water damaged. They agreed to send me another phone but i had to pay them an extra $100. what will i do na? i agreed. I got my new phone a couple of days later and when the monthly bill came again, i didn't see any $100 charge. Since i was broke that period, i didn't even call to notify them of their mistake. which one be my own? so, just last week here, my precious just froze. He refused to work. No matter which of his button i pressed, he just sat there looking and me. His lights weren't even blinking! So i called my people again o. Let me just digress at this point and advice all the ladies. If you ever need a favor from your phone company, DO NOT TALK to a female representative. They are mean! seriously. when i called, i talked to this lady. i already knew she was going to give me trouble. Imagine she told me that i had to send my phone to them for inspection and after two weeks, they would decide if they will give me a new one or not. Imagine that! Never ever, in my history with tmobile has anyone ever told me that. i sha asked this lady what she expected me to use during those two weeks when they will be "deciding". She adviced me to go to a tmobile shop and get a rental phone for $100. I laughed in her ears and told her to forget it. I didn't even know they had rental phones. na wa o! Anyways, i hung up and called back after about 30 mins. i knew i was going to talk to another representative. Lucky enough for me it was a guy. i turned on the charm and tuned into the sexy voice. I got not only a new phone but a new battery and charger for my efforts. lol. My memory card has crashed and i think i'll call to talk a new one out of them soon. All under a phone i haven't paid for. That's my suga dadda. lol

May 8, 2009


Hey y'all, whats good? if you're remember, BSNC, Miss Flyhigh and myself have been talking about this blog we're opening.
well, we have done it o! Finally! If i give you the gist about how this blog came about heh! but that one na gist for anoder day. lol
And for our first post, we did an audio post so check it out. (click here)

May 3, 2009


Hey y'all whats good? Well, been working through the weekend so i couldn't reply to some of the comments on my previous post. But let me use this venue to say thank you guys and I will be replying your comments right after i'm done with this.
so, i log on to my blog a couple of minutes ago and i see this comment. An anonymous comment. it was a really long comment or should i say comments since this person came back to reply the people who replied her. Makes sense? Well, i wanted to ignore the comments and i was going to until i came across a part where she said that everyone who left a comment was my "supporters club". Now that part made me go "aww hell no". So anonymous, this one's for you.

First of all and the most important, i don't appreciate you coming over here and insulting my fellow bloggers for stating their opinion. What makes you think that you are the only one speaking your mind? What makes you think that if they disagreed with me, they wouldn't say it out loud? FYI, not everybody is a coward like you.

Secondly, @ "I think you are overeacting, you can respond maturely without being spiteful".
And i suppose you think you were being mature in coming over here and spilling your guts? Well another FYI, if you feel like talking trash don't come over to my blog and do it. open your own. Then maybe I would read it and take you seriously

@ "having personally read the posts referred to, i don't know why one should be termed a 'hater' for making the comments she did regarding them".
First of miss ITK, i didn't call her a hater because of "the comments" she made. Its actually a reciprocal name. so before you take her on as a victim, get your facts straight.

@ "I suppose its difficult for me to accept that she is a voice for victims of sexual abuse"
Whoa whoa whoa. hold your brakes hun. i never said i was a victim of sexual abuse. There's a difference between sexual abuse and molestation. Again, get your facts straight before you yap. And i also never said i was a voice for victims. matter of fact, i was thinking of only myself when i posted that.

@ Nigerian fetish's hair color comment, i can only repeat myself and say, go open your own blog and then put your pic up there. Again, maybe then i will take you seriously

@ "am not being judgemental, i was just trying to be neutrel and basically, i was pretty alarmed at the amount of commenters who chose to insult the 'hater' thereby stoking the fire. I was onlty being Christlike in my approach by simply stating 'let he without sin cast the first stone'. We all tend to pass judgement all the time (rightly or wrongly),and the hypocrisy here was alarming, hence the reason why i chose to be 'the voice of reason' lol!!!"
Hypocracy? Anybody who had any sense in their head will admit that what that girl said was supposed to remain in the 1800's. There's nothing judgemental aboout that. I dare you to say out in the streets that you think it is okay for anyone to say what she said.

@ "Of 'cos Bibi is free to write whatever she wants to write on her blog, and the rest of 'us' have no right to express our true opinions on her posts except we 'stoop to her level of insults' I strongly beg to differ".
Insults? I would love to show you some insults that would apply to you but i listened to Joel Osteen today and i don't want to foul my tongue

Now miss Anonymous, as I have said i have no probs with you speaking your mind but please do not come over here to do it at the expense of other bloggers. Do it on your own blog. Although i have to admit that some of the things you said made some sense but you spoilt them with all the other rubbish you did say. Now that you have gotten the attention you wanted, in response to the comments about my blogger friends and my cuzz, I have just three words for you. GO FUCK YOURSELF. Have a wonderful day *wink*

P.S- this will be the only response you will get from me

May 1, 2009


You know what? i'm kinda pissed right now. You know why? Because this biotch....*sigh* A couple of weeks ago, I invited a friend to view my blog. she in turn invited a friend of hers (hater) who's spirit and mine don't agree in the first place, to view it too. so, since i haven't talked to friend in a bit, i called her up and naturally, we started to talk about what she thought of the posts. She told me she thought they were very nice but that hater didn't like my posts about the reverend father (click here) and my cousin (click here)because "she thought you was acting proud of situations that are supposed to make you ashamed"....ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!! I am supposed to be ashamed? of what pray tell? That a couple of people wanted to give me some attention that i didn't want or need? seriously? If I, being one of the lucky ones is ashamed of that, what happens to the girl who wasn't as lucky as I to escape unscathered? What happens to the little girl or woman who was raped? Is she supposed to hang her head in shame? Be ashamed of herself? What for? The fact that she was too appealing for some man to resist? Or that she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Ashamed? Are you for real hater? you know what i think? i think you should be the one ashamed. For thinking that because of an incident no matter how big, a woman's life should come to a halt. But being a weak willed woman that you are, i don't really blame you. A little wake up call for you my darling, when bad things happen to strong women, they pick themselves up no matter how long they have been down and move on. And in cases of molestation or rape, the only people who have something to be ashamed of are the people who carried it out. So wipe your eyes and move past your ignorance because you obviously have a lot to learn. You need to burst out of that bubble of yours and feel the hamattan and understand that because you never encountered stuff like those, that doesn't make you better than someone who did. You need to understand that real people, are not classified by situations that they had absolutely no control over. For someone with a degree in Psychology, you are the definition of stupid.