November 6, 2009


hey my toothaches, what's good? Big news! My bday's coming up in 12 days! yes o! i'm counting it. lol. initially, i wasn't going to do anything but some of my girls started pressurizing me and now i'm just as excited as they are. So there is no grand plans but we're just going to hangout at a little fancy-like resturant and then go clubbing. At least that was the plan. A plan that i didn't come up with o! it was suggested to me and i thought it would be nice. But now, two of the very same babes who put this idea into my head are beginning to act crazy.

This friend of mine is a serious party animal. She knows where the party's at, who'll be there, what will go down. To the extent that the couple of times i've gone clubbing with her, when we get to the door they just take on look at her and go, 'hey babe, come in come in' she's that popular at parties. Anyways, last week we were chatting online.

Me- chic, which club you go recommend make we go na?

Stella- Bibi, I be wan talk to you sha

Me- wetin happen?

Stella- I nor go fit go your bday with you?

Me- why?

Stella- my new bf nor like party

Me- so leave am for house

Stella- no, he nor like make I dey go party too

Me- u serious?

Stella- I beg nor vex

Nor vex? Of course I'm vexed! lol. But truthfully this conversation just made me laugh one of my ass cheeks off because I remember her last bf didn't like her wearing makeup, so chic gave away all her MAC! To be truthful, I helped her throw away some of them into my makeup kit. After I berated her for changing herself for a man of course. lol. I told her iit would be fun to see what the next bf wants her to stop doing

She's a very good friend of mine. Known her for a while. Just last night I got a text msg

Bibi, pls call me. I wannna talk about ur bday. If u still wanna go to the club I won't come and I hope u won't do that. And I want to invite you to something at my church.

Now this msg made me laugh my second ass cheek off because of the hint of 'I'm now a born again christian' in it. Which would have made sense if Laila hadn't just moved in with her boyfriend a month ago. I called my friend back and told her, here you are, 'living in sin' with your bf and you're trying to preach to me? I beg remove the crap in your eye before you try removing mine.
Now, I'm not even mad that they're not coming. Matter of fact, I understand. I just think its funny that's all. lol