February 7, 2009


hey y'all, long time no see i know. but things have been kinda crazy lately. i was looking for a job and my job search led me to sickness. lol. well, the story is that i had a job interview and on the fateful day, it started snowing. heavily. instead of i to call and cancel, i just had a gut feeling that told me "Bisi, go for this interview" and i did. in the snow. when i got home, i was practically shaking all over and just like that, i fell sick. been that way for the past week and some days. well, the good news is that the job interview i went for, they called me yesterday and offered me the job so I am officially no longer jobless! yea! go Bisi! (dancing) i am sooo happy. Well, enough about me. let's get down to the goodies. people who know me, know that i am currently writing a movie. A Nigerian movie to be exact and this is also one of the reasons why i haven't been here in a while. for the last couple of weeks, whenever i turn on the computer, i don't even get on the internet. i just go straight for microsoft word. well, incase you want to know, the name of my movie is INHERITED PROMISE and hopefully, very soon you will be hearing about it. well, enough of that for now. i went out with a friend a while back and he told me a story that made me realize how real 419 is. and how close to us it really is. i mean, i have always been hearing about it but it has never happened to me or anyone i know. until now. here goes. my friend, let's call him Harry shall we? well, Harry was trying to sell his car on ebay and he opened an account and posted the pictures and everything. People were bidding and everything was going fine until on fateful evening when he decided to log in and see how the bidding was going. he logged in and the computer read that his account was already in use. he tried again and the response was the same thing. lucky enough for him, Harry is somewhat of a computer genuis and he realized that someone had hacked into his account and was using his information. that meant that person was holding the bidding in Harry's place and was pretending that he was the one selling the car. so Harry created another account and logged in. when he got in, he looked for his car and started bidding on it. he bidded day and night and made sure that he won it. when he did, he got an email from the impersonator telling him congratulations, you've won this car and we need you to send the money through western union. all this while, the car that guy was talking about was sitting at home with Harry. imagine if someone else had won the car and sent the money. then it would have been on Harry's head because that car was sold on his account. we are talking about a couple of US dollars. so Harry sent the person a message back telling him what he did and who he really was and you know what the guy said in his reply? he said "well, you know how it is" and it turns out that this guy is a Nigerian. A word of advice from Harry, is that before you but anything online, make sure you look for the padlock on the bottom of the page to make sure that the site is secure. if you don't see the lock, don't bother. well, a word is enough for the wise. xoxo kisses. have fun this weekend y'all