January 20, 2009


Finally(sighs)!!! Obama has being inaugurated the Fourty fourth president of the United States of America. honestly, i am glad. maybe now people will leave him and his family alone so they can get to business. i mean, don't get me wrong. i love Obama. maybe a little more than the other person lol. but i was getting fed up with all the talk about what clothes his wife and kids are wearing, what kind of dog they're bringing into the white house and all that crazy stuff. so like i said, i am glad that the press will leave him alone for a while and let him get to business. Well, i tried going to Washington DC today but OMG!!!. you should have seen the traffic so we decided to turn back because i figured that i wouldn't even catch a glimpse of the lincoln memorial talk even less of Obama. i wish. lol. well, i came home, sat on the couch and watched the whole thing live. it was even better than being out in the cold I tell you. As i was watching there was something that striked me. everyone was commenting on how they were feeling for Bush and all but did you see the smile on Laura's face (Bush's wife), she looked relieved and as though she couldn't wait to sleep in her own bed and run the shot in her own house that got me thinking that some of us me included, get carried away by the thought of a black man being in the white house that we forget the responsibilities that accompany this role. Obama is going to have a hell of a time proving himself to the world. and if he succeeds then he will open the gates for other people of color, not just blacks but hispanics and others to have the opportunity to also prove themselves but if God forbids he fails, he will be the one and only black president EVER in this country. so I join others in prayer that our God who brought him here will lead him through it all. Amen.
Well well well, there has been some rumors spreading about like wild fire that Tu baba stole someone's song. this song in question is from his latest album titled "unstoppable" and the song is called "jungle don mature". well, the story is that this song was originally written by this new london based guy called komo and that Tuface approached the guy for a collaboration which they did, but the guy claims that all of a sudden he heard this song sang by Tuface but this song did not have his voice in it at all. and also claims that Tuface did not give him any credit for the song. Tuface's management says that this Komo is just someone trying to "ride in the wind of Tuface's fame". well, we hope so because rumors like this cannot be good for anyone's career now can it? lol. i have to run now so, have fun. kisses xoxo

January 10, 2009


FINALLY! i finished my 2 weeks long program today. i just got back home and the first thing i grab is my laptop cos i wanna blog. i haven't had the time in weeks but at least i gave you some notice. lol. well, like i said i graduated today, Yea me. the classes were fun and i got to meet new people and make some friends. Most of these people were from Cameroon, Congo, Haiti and kenya. At first it was awkward for me because i am so used to going anywhere and meeting a lot of Nigerians there. so, it was kinda....different being one of the only two Nigerians in a room of about 56 people who are all Africans. And the other guy didn't even know where in Delta he's from. No joke. so, i was pratically the only NIgerian standing. lol. it was fun though, once i got used to it. And do you know that some Africans tend to see us as.....different. i've heard that before but i never really believed it but I tell you, i felt like a guinea pig in that class. do Nigerians do this?,Do you guys do that? some of the Cameroonian girls were like, "how are Nigerian guys like"? do they like this? how do they like their girls? it was crazy. I enjoyed it, but thank God i'm outta there. lol. least i forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR. i know, it's late but i saved the best for later. may you get every desires of your heart this year. even those desires that you dream about and no one but you know about. those that you might even be afraid or ashamed to talk to people about. lol.well, well, well, i just saw a video on facebook by this new Nigerian singer called Dipp. the song is titled "dangerous" and immediately i saw it, i commented that the guy reminded me of Usher and P Square all rolled into one. and he kinda looks like them all too. lol. i kinda like it. so check it out.

ok, seriously now. i have a story to share with you all. About two days ago right before rain messed my phone up. didn't i tell you? yep. i'm without a phone right now. anyway, back to the story. well, my phone rang on my way to classes and when i saw the caller id, i said to myself. it's not christmas or new year so for this person to be calling me, something's up. so i picked up and started teasing my christmas friend but found that he wasn't replying to my insults so i asked what was up and he told me a story that disturbed me ooo, make i nor lie. he asked me for my advice and i told him what i thought but asked for his permission to post it on my blog and he agreed so, here goes. i'll call him James so you don't get confused ok? well, James said that recently, he'd been having quarels and fights with his girl for little to no reason at all. And knowing my friend i am quite confident to say he isn't the kind of guy that nags. he's a live and let live kind of person so i know for a fact that he hates fighting. So, James says that he started noticing that this girl just started picking fights with him, lie to him when she knows that he knows that she's lying, tell him she's home and when he gets there she won't be there and so on and so forth. well, the whole thing climaxed when about a week ago during one of their arguments she snapped and started yelling at him. "go ahead and do it you coward... blah blah blah...why don't you just hit me and let me know that you love me". When i heard that i said to James. stop and rewind pls, what did you just say she said? and he said it all over again. Are you as shocked as I was? because i was and i still am. James said that he refused to do it and she said that that was the only way he could prove to her that he really loves her and she left. so that is James' dilemma right now. i was too stunned to even give him a cohesive advice. i think i just mummbled something like, "don't do it but let me get back to you on this one". I'm thinking right now that that chic is kinda weird. i'm sorry James but you know what i mean. some girls want you to prove their love by marrying them, some by buying them jewwellry and all that good stuff some by just been there for and with them, i know now that some....ask for something waaaaaaaaaaay different. lol. i asked some people about this and they said that it is probably because every male in her life has physically abused her before but i'm sorry, i don't believe that. but that's just me. so tell me, what do you think?
i want to leave on a light note so check out this......joke. i think it's hilarious.

1.Working / Earning not mandatory.
2. We never have to buy our own drinks at the bar.
3. We don"t have to bother on mobile bills.
4. We get out of speeding tickets by crying.
5. We don"t have to stand on the queue to get tickets.
7. We don"t have to worry about the purse when we shop with men.
8. We can marry rich and then not have to work.
9. We never have to pay when we go out on dates.
10. Men take us on all expense paid trips
11. We always get place to sit when using public transport.
12. Easy to get a ride.
13. Men hold the door open for us.
14. Jewels looks good on us.
15. We lie better.
16. We"re better manipulators.
17. We always end up sleeping in the bed when we fight with our other halves - you guys get the couch.
18. We always have food in the fridge.
19. We don"t worry about losing our hair.
20. We always get to choose the movie.
21. We don"t have to mow the lawn.
22. We don"t have to take out the garbage.
23. We don"t have to paint the house or walls.
24. If we need to see our boyfriends just a missed call is enough.
25. We can easily show our disappointments or disapprovals.
26. We can con our way out of anything - not just dig ourselves deeper into a hole.
27. Men unlock our side of the car first - a real bonus when its cold.
28. Even strangers shows care if we are in trouble. Men have to manage themselves.
29. Men are like tiles, lay "em right the first time you can walk all over em forever.
30. We can cry in public. Men cant.
31. We don"t feel shy to cry.
32. We don have worry if we lose the fight.
33. Sweat is sexy on us.
34. We never run out of excuses.
35. You guys may get to think about sex 200 times a day, but we could be having it that often.
36. We can borrow clothes or accessories from our friends.
37. We get expensive jewelry as gifts that we NEVER have to give back.
38. We get candy, flowers and jewelry all the time because men screw up so often.
39. We can give "the look" that will make any man want to cower in the corner.
40. Women are cleaner.
41. We know how to make up stories.
42. We"re better arguers.
43. We don"t always have to think with our genitals.
44. We don"t have to worry if we are plump. Men still like us.
45. We"re better parents.
46. We never have to sit home alone on a weekend night.
47. There"s never a shortage of ready, willing, and able men.
48. We"re flexible.
49. When women get upset, we don"t destroy property or hurt people - we just take it out on the world in general because we can.
50. Easy to make friendships.
Lmao. i'm guessing a guy wrote this. When you think about it, some of them are really true. some are just plain wack. okay luvs, have fun this weekend. xoxo