November 6, 2009


hey my toothaches, what's good? Big news! My bday's coming up in 12 days! yes o! i'm counting it. lol. initially, i wasn't going to do anything but some of my girls started pressurizing me and now i'm just as excited as they are. So there is no grand plans but we're just going to hangout at a little fancy-like resturant and then go clubbing. At least that was the plan. A plan that i didn't come up with o! it was suggested to me and i thought it would be nice. But now, two of the very same babes who put this idea into my head are beginning to act crazy.

This friend of mine is a serious party animal. She knows where the party's at, who'll be there, what will go down. To the extent that the couple of times i've gone clubbing with her, when we get to the door they just take on look at her and go, 'hey babe, come in come in' she's that popular at parties. Anyways, last week we were chatting online.

Me- chic, which club you go recommend make we go na?

Stella- Bibi, I be wan talk to you sha

Me- wetin happen?

Stella- I nor go fit go your bday with you?

Me- why?

Stella- my new bf nor like party

Me- so leave am for house

Stella- no, he nor like make I dey go party too

Me- u serious?

Stella- I beg nor vex

Nor vex? Of course I'm vexed! lol. But truthfully this conversation just made me laugh one of my ass cheeks off because I remember her last bf didn't like her wearing makeup, so chic gave away all her MAC! To be truthful, I helped her throw away some of them into my makeup kit. After I berated her for changing herself for a man of course. lol. I told her iit would be fun to see what the next bf wants her to stop doing

She's a very good friend of mine. Known her for a while. Just last night I got a text msg

Bibi, pls call me. I wannna talk about ur bday. If u still wanna go to the club I won't come and I hope u won't do that. And I want to invite you to something at my church.

Now this msg made me laugh my second ass cheek off because of the hint of 'I'm now a born again christian' in it. Which would have made sense if Laila hadn't just moved in with her boyfriend a month ago. I called my friend back and told her, here you are, 'living in sin' with your bf and you're trying to preach to me? I beg remove the crap in your eye before you try removing mine.
Now, I'm not even mad that they're not coming. Matter of fact, I understand. I just think its funny that's all. lol


Anonymous said...

Hey bibi!!! Didn't know you started blogging again. Lucky me I'm first. Those friends of your eh! I just have one thing to say, you need to get noew friends.

BBB said...

since its an anonymous thats first
i officially declare first position

chayoma said...

I am first!
Anon doesn't count right?
lemme go read
Happy Birthday in advance oh
werrin u want?

chayoma said...

na lie
see me now rejoicing say i push anon aside. u come take my position


BBB said...

lol @ur friends
after suggesting it can u imagine
they are not just reliable at all...

have fun jo and trust me they will regret it wen dey come to their senses that they werent there

BBB said...

lol @chayoma... u were not fats enuff

chayoma said...

Okay ur friend Stells.
Haa, i mean is she really herself around these guys? if she gives up her makeup,going clubbing ,what do these so called "bfs" give up in return? their single staus?
Not even the desperate give up their makeup. WOW!

LAILA must had had an epiphany or

So what r u gonna do now?

Just Throw a psrty here at Blogsville :)

*where the party @*

chayoma said...

i dnt blame u
come make u and me run race make we see who is fast
Bibi no put reward att he end now, if not!
Haa lol!

El-Banky :-p said...

Happy Bday in advance!!!. Bless Stellas heart, I hope she is able to be herself with atleast one guy in the future or atleast "improve" for herself and not a guy.

I can't hate on Leila's decision, we are all striving to do better albeit, none of us are perfect. She might be tackling the whole living right thing one at a time. Despite moving in with the bf...???. Maybe, they are about to tie the knot in court o_O.

Maybe its a sign that you should do somethingelse for your bday, since they are both not attending, pick an activity that you've alwaays wanted to do.

I wish you many great years ahead and a safe bday celebration.

neefemi said... is funny - thats y i never plan anything for my bday really - i would suggest just hang out with those that are dear to u that day - just chilled and blissful - i wont say get new friends but when they do come back make them realize their mistake and how it shows u cant count on them for anything - esp cos these boys never last - happy birthday in advance fellow scorpio - have a good one

Anonymous said...

lol...happy birthday in advance dear. your friends...ha ha ha ha

Nice Anon said...

Na wa o! See what I am saying? Why would you give all your makeup away and stop partying because he said so? you aren't even being yourself!

Happy birthday in advance

Omotee! said...

i don laff die!
Ok, i love ur friend stells, she is so submissive and obedient. seriously, why was i not there when she was disposing off the make up ehn? u berra slap her back to reality, she shd get a life o!

and i love ur born again friend, dont worry, she and boyfie just dey live together, nothing happens at night, he sleeps in the palor and she in the room. LWKMD!

pls invite me to the parry o! i will give u very fine gift.......

Myne Whitman said...

Happy birthday in advance dear. Your friends are funny. Do what makes you happy that day OK? Don't forget our own cake, LOL

Tatababe said...

LMBO!!! interesting stuvs...happy birthday in advance, hope cake go reach our side sha.

Miss Natural said...

hmmm eye service sha. ur friends are crazy lol. imagine,although I kinda wish I had a friend like the MAC girl...i'd prob be offloading. one man's pain is another well not exactly the quote but it fits. Happy birthday in advance tho!!

Anonymous said...

if your friends are anything like my friends, i can bet there's another shindig that they don't want you knowing about... dang! what horrible timing!
happy birthday in advance!!!!!!!

Repressed One said...

LOL!! Poor stella. Who knows what she will be giving up next. Shame no catch am sef? She for just talk sey she feels the need to slow down not dat BF give am sanction...wimmens sef!!

Happy Bday in advance oh!! Hope you get to party regardless.

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

Happy Bday in advance Bibi!!

Don't mind them jare...enjoy ur day and do wat u wanna do...ex man for himself...

Smh...people sha!

Lady X said...

LOL nawa o!
This one na serious denial!

miss.fab said...

Lol hilarious. There's something called compromise but this is not it. And lol at the 2nd girl too. Infact I'll just leave it at that

histreasure said...

if they r the ones that suggested the clubbing,it could be like Fierce suggested that they could be planning something else..

Though i must say ur Stella girl reminds me of a friend of mine whose guy told not to wear jeans trousers 'cos guys will be looking at her bum' and then she caught him red-handed with hawt jeans-rocking those kind of rlnships, you give yourself away so much that at a point there's nothing more to give

simeone said...

really really funny...

rayo said...

lmao at the second. mscheeeew

Ms. 'dufa said...

LOOLLL@both friends.

Ms. 'dufa said...

P:S: Happy birthday in advance!

Daring said...

Happy birthday in advance...we r birthday mate. isn't that interesting!

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO!!! Lol! Ur friends are hilarious. Happy Birthday! It's today right? Have a lovely day.

gaga said...

eyyyya!!!! happy bday bibi!!! you know what, i went on my blog and saw a comment you left...i got sooooooo excited, cos it was your blog that gingered me to start writing!! you have the most amazing stories....pls keep sharing and keep reading my blog!!!!! Xxx

Rita said...


LOL @ "I helped her throw away some of them into my makeup kit"

Oh dear, don't get too upset with Laila...she is in the process of transformation...believe me it is not overnight:-). But I like you for your openness. You're the kind of friend I'd love to have

How did your bday or no club?

Nala said...

I personally dont believe in changing myself for a man. If u dont like me the way i am to blazes with you men and as for your second friend, its funny how she said she is a born again now and moved in with her boyfriend. I have seen a couple of scenarios like that and i just smh and am like why the hypocrisy when you are guilty of the same offence...oo well...may God deliver us...i hope u had a fab day sha..

My World said...

happy belated,ma dear!

SouLBoutiQue said...

Everyone has there 'spiritual issues' me being that I am Catholic I try to always confess and regain the light and get back on my faith walk. HOWEVER I go to fellowship at times with redeemers and I hate how they like bashing everyone who does this and does that 'people of the world that listen to nongospel pop, people who smoke, or drink in access (which is what exactly?) and etc..'. We are all human and prone to sin, if you wanna front like your holier than thou that's all good and dandy, but me I am a christian growing in my spirituality and I will sin and repent for them as they come. And I am not ashamed! I hate christian bashers that's what i call them. Its like they try to give you a guilt trip...irks my nerves.

as per your friend that is changing for a man! She must be a little insecure talk to her for real. because the next bf could be worse. ie. my bf HATES Weaves...So? You met me with a weave and I stay weaving it UP! I braid it occasionally for 'him' I love him but its my

SMH- your blog mad me laugh!!! Happy Belated B-DAY!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

the irony of living in sin and then berating someone for going to a club? Confused born again thats what she is

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Myne Whitman said...

Been a while, hope you're doing oK? Compliments of the season.

Muhammadiattf said...

LOL!! Poor stella. Who knows what she will be giving up next. Shame no catch am sef? She for just talk sey she feels the need to slow down not dat BF give am sanction...wimmens sef!! Happy Bday in advance oh!! Hope you get to party regardless.