May 1, 2009


You know what? i'm kinda pissed right now. You know why? Because this biotch....*sigh* A couple of weeks ago, I invited a friend to view my blog. she in turn invited a friend of hers (hater) who's spirit and mine don't agree in the first place, to view it too. so, since i haven't talked to friend in a bit, i called her up and naturally, we started to talk about what she thought of the posts. She told me she thought they were very nice but that hater didn't like my posts about the reverend father (click here) and my cousin (click here)because "she thought you was acting proud of situations that are supposed to make you ashamed"....ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!! I am supposed to be ashamed? of what pray tell? That a couple of people wanted to give me some attention that i didn't want or need? seriously? If I, being one of the lucky ones is ashamed of that, what happens to the girl who wasn't as lucky as I to escape unscathered? What happens to the little girl or woman who was raped? Is she supposed to hang her head in shame? Be ashamed of herself? What for? The fact that she was too appealing for some man to resist? Or that she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Ashamed? Are you for real hater? you know what i think? i think you should be the one ashamed. For thinking that because of an incident no matter how big, a woman's life should come to a halt. But being a weak willed woman that you are, i don't really blame you. A little wake up call for you my darling, when bad things happen to strong women, they pick themselves up no matter how long they have been down and move on. And in cases of molestation or rape, the only people who have something to be ashamed of are the people who carried it out. So wipe your eyes and move past your ignorance because you obviously have a lot to learn. You need to burst out of that bubble of yours and feel the hamattan and understand that because you never encountered stuff like those, that doesn't make you better than someone who did. You need to understand that real people, are not classified by situations that they had absolutely no control over. For someone with a degree in Psychology, you are the definition of stupid.


Repressed One said...


Repressed One said...

Ohhh Chittt!! Tell em why you mad son!!
see TKO!!! U straight called her out [seeing as she's going to read this] chei!

U really don't like this person at all. Take am easy sha, people speak 'negatively' about things they do not understand.

LOL...this cracked me up... "You need to burst out of that bubble of yours and feel the hamattan"...amongst others.

wooosaah babe...

Anonymous said...

Oh DAMN!!!!

WOw, Bibi you went deep on this one... wow, I bet she's reading this one. Lol, that's why you can't mess with bibi.....she will get ya ass.

Lol....get em!

But for real, I feel you. I definately do, some females need a wake up call and need to see the real issue, instead of the minor ones!

Ovay West said...

Oh Lord! I can't believe this is my first time here. I just read the Father vincent and Kay and the idiot post; great merriment.
I shall be back!

Nice Anon said...

Hater: Start your own blog and let's us hear about your life experiences too. Until then SHUT YOUR TRAP!

RocNaija said...

I just love the subtle way you hinted at not liking this person.. lol..

She got served.. Ouch!!

I talk am now.. "When people talk beind your back, it's because you're ahead of them"

Norrin do you!

Fashinga said...

Hey hey hey hey.... slow down boo!!!! y the heck did u let her get to you? cos she obviously dont matter what she or any other hater for that matter thinks so cool down aight?!!!

*whew* i was sweating while reading that...hope you didnt punch a hole into your keyboard??? lol!!!!!

Later Luv!!!

UnderCover07 said...

"For someone with a degree in Psychology, you are the definition of stupid"

Tsk tsk, haterrr u better think b4 tryna mess with

That line was deep girl!

Anonymous said...

lol..take am easy oh.u be uniben chic..i got admission to go there but ended up travelling but that school fine no be small oh!!!

juiceegal said...

LOL........dat babe has it bad mehn
bt riy shez so ignorant.....y shld u be i dnt get d babe at al....seems she needs 2 be enlightened
I pray she reads dis post so she cn see hw stupid she sef im angry on ur behalf.

mizchif said...

Housh!!! Chai Bibi you get bad mouth oh!

Na d girl find trouble by airing her misguided opinion sha, she for just jejely keep quiet.

RocNaija said...

Feelin' better, B?

BSNC said...

babe has messed with the wrong chic.. i hope she sees this.

lol you really poured it out. for someone with a degree in psychology, you are the definition of

er.. do i know the chic in question. Lemme let her know the koko. Remind me not to mess with you ;)..

Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood.

Bibi said...

REPRESSED ONE- lol. nor mind the chic jare. she brought out my mad side.

THE NIGERIAN FETISH- true word. we need to get down to the real issues. and err...girl, still waiting on that

OVAY WEST- Thanks a bundle!

NCE ANON- Tell her the word o!

ROC- Thanks Roc. norrin do you too. lol

FASHINGAA- lol. i did kinda punch a hole. but i needed to get the biotch outta my system.

UNDERCOVER07- thanx. i tried not to call her even

LEGGY- uniben is the place. love that school to death. i also got an admission into unilag but after being in uniben for a week, i couldn't leave. lol

JUICEEGAL- thank you jare. better person. i hope she reads it too. and i hope she calls me about it. that would make a very interesting conversation

MIZCHIF- exactly! you talk am well. she had it coming. lol

ROC- lol. actually, yeah. i do. thanks

Bibi said...

BSNC- "Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood." eh hen! na you suppose study psychology. lol. no, i don't think you know this babe but we go talk later.

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Bibi!!! madam di madam ..dis your mouth eh ..I hope it does not put you in trouble lol ...

Well I can tell you obviously p'd but I agree with F on this shouldn't of let her get to you hun ...that's her business what she Roc said norrin d you hun ... keep shining hun! x

Talk later

Sweetnothin' said...

lol@ Nice Anon...."shut your trap" GO on and tell it like it is girl, i got your back. she needs to retake psych 100.

My World said...

How in this world are you to be ashamed???
As in just how???
I share your views about this friend being a hater bcos truly the reverend is to be ashamed and not you......

Zena said...

Bibi Norrin do you abeg

*houch* I do feel sorry for the person, lol

I hope the person sees it

Dont let them get to you jare

Omo Oba said...

that last line killed it. U told it just as it is. You have got nothing to be ashamed of, adversity only makes us stronger, and God knows, we all need some of those.

Writefreak said...

Ah hunnie...relax and take a deep
I feel you never understand how the shoe feels if you haven't worn them so don't go passing judgement
lol at feeling the harmattan..have a great weekend girl!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, mean memo?
Lol, Imma have to request a blog from you. I'll ask you privately..

scribble, said...

lol @ 'For someone with a degree in Psychology, you are the definition of stupid'

blogoratti said...

Ohhh bibi is mad!!!
Don't worry too much about it all, you hear*

AnyaPosh said...

tell dem o jare! useless people who don't understand reality.

bumight said...

dont take what she said to heart. Opinions are cheap, everyone has one of it!

you have nothing to be ashamed of, i had a similar experience and i blogged about it here: multiple choice. I dont think there's anything to be ashamed of.

dont let the likes of hater limit/influence what u write!...and calm down dear!

Naked soul said...

everyone will always have their opinions. dont let it bother u......

tis all about me said...

i think that some people just like the sound of their own voice

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

ashamed of what????
she is a disgrace to everything womens right stands for(long hiss) arrant nonsense.

Anonymous said...


I think you are overeacting, you can respond maturely without being spiteful. As for the rest of ur supporters club, they are only stating what you want to hear. you only need to go to their post and see how the criticise 'unknowns' for the most mundane things.

Calm down. I am not SHE, just her advocate and definetely not a hater, just one who hates when people HATE HATERS, thereby making themselves HATERS. yOU ALL ARE ONE AND THE SAME.

juiceegal said...

Anonymous if u are not a hater as u claim not to be then why do u hide under the guise of anonymity, the funny thing is that i don't think you actually read the post in question before coming on here,cuz if u did then you would know that 'overreacting' is a silly word 2 use.How can u say she is overreacting when someone is criticisin her for actually doing a good thing by speaking up for people that do not have the opportunity to do so, and you are not in a position to tell her how to react to certain situations, she can react any damn way she wants,about her 'supporters club' telling her what she wants to hear, ur wrong cuz i believe everybody that made a comment on this post did so because they have the common sense to know that you do not criticise someone and tell her to be ashamed of speakin out against bad things.

Just...Toluwa said...

i dunno y in d world i av nt been here...gosh, am i late or wat?

Bibi...luv ur blog!

ps...i cnt stand haters! bt u know wat, dey hating cos they cnt be like u....u know wat u say to dem ryt?

hi haters! with a smirk and a smile too! lol @ feel d harmmatan!

Anonymous said...

@ juicegirl; i can see how un - anonymous you are. I suppose your parents named you juicegirl right?

I can understand Bibi's anger, but i hope you know she mentioned the fact that she did not 'like' the girl. Secondly, this so called 'hater' read her blog and merely expressed how she felt to her own friend. I doubt if she expected the said friend to give bibi feedback.
Now, having personally read the posts referred to, i don't know why one should be termed a 'hater' for making the comments she did regarding them. I mean, is she hating because Bibi is talking about her successful life or how great her life is? I mean what is there to HATE? you tell me.
I'm sorry but following your 'aristo' or 'glorified prostitute' of a cousin to go and collect (to put it crudely); 'fuck money' and upon getting there, and smelling danger you proceed still; that by no means makes you a victim. She was simply telling us of her escapades.
And as for the 'Father' who was trying to TAP CURRENT; that was assault quite alright, however, you could tell that she could more than deal with the situation and she wasn't scared, just angry (and rightly so). Plus i can't help but question why all three of them slept in the same bed, especially where the 'Father' was seemingly a stranger. Anyway some stories don't add up or make sense.
I suppose its difficult for me to accept that she is a voice for victims of sexual abuse, i can only view her as one whose led a very adventurous life and is narrating her escapades, to which i can totally understand her 'HATERS' comments, not necessarily support them, but understand.

I can assure you there is nothing to Hate there. It could be that this person is of the moral/prudish such and can't relate with outlandishness.

I don't understand why some of you here are quick to judge, especially where in your respective blogs you go on about other people's lives and how they lead it and blah, blah, blah. The hypocrisy is amazing. What do you know about these people? and why are you too eager to label others haters, and how is her comment hateful? Isn't she allowed to express her thoughts anymore especially where it was sought? Again i ask what is there to HATE?


Confessions of a London gal said...

oh no she didnt!
Anyone that says such really is the definition of Stupid. What rubbish!

~Sirius~ said...


Don't mind "that person".

She probably won't be back here after this.

Anonymous said...

Wow, "Anonymous" sat there and spent and hour of their life to write that comment! wow.

I feel it as this. No matter if Bibi wrote about her being angry because of what this woman said. No matter if she was happy or not. Hell, no matter if she was writing her "murder plots".. It's HER BLOG...

She can write whatever she wants to. Yes, she does leave it to the public to read. And yes, she does let people write comments. But at the end of the day, it's HER BLOG. If she's angry, let her express it through her words. Let her release by writing this. Maybe this is helping her in her offline life.

You all act as if this woman may have really affected her. Maybe she just wanted to write this to show example of these types of people who annoy her and do too much.

-Just a thought.

I got you Bibi..

P.S.-Anonymous feel free to check my blog out.. its great too. Ha!

juiceegal said...

Abi o Nigerian fetish my sentiments exactly
@ Anonymous:I see uv done ur homework properly,i gotta giv it 2 u tho u sure made your point.......i jst hope u put in as much energy into ur school work or job(which ever one applies to u)as u put into makin that comment
U 4get that this is Bibi's blog and she is free to talk bout whoever and whatever she wants however way she wants.Thats y this is her personal blog, shez nt lookin for judgemental pple to read her blog and start makin stupid comments.If she wants 2 tlk bout her escapades let her write, if she is pissed of at the girl that tld her she ought 2 be ashamed then let her be.And if her frnds here on blogsville want 2 support her then let them....its a free world...nd if u need sumwhre 2 rant and rave i suggest u strt ur own blog and stop bombardin oda pple's comment box with ur comments
PS: My parents sure did not name me juiceegal....when i meant anonymous i'm u sure u undastood wt i ws tlkin bout....dnt cme here as anonymous and strt gettin al judgemental.

StandTall-The Activist said...

Relax jare. Pple can be funny and you have no reason to be ashamed.

This is your space for God sake, why will someone that calls herself your friend be judgemental besides rape issue is an issue to be addressed and not keep quiet over.

You might want to review your friendship with this person...

Anonymous said...

@ The Nigerian Fetish; you sound pretty ditzy - i suppose that blonde weave gotta go, it'll probably make you less confused. (SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE HATER, hehehe)

@juiceegal; as you are Bibi's most ardent of suppoters i'll take my time out to explain my position to you. I never said Bibi shouldn't express her anger, infact i stated that i can understand it (her anger). I am not being judgemental, i was just trying to be neutrel and basically, i was pretty alarmed at the amount of commenters who chose to insult the 'hater' thereby stoking the fire. I was onlty being Christlike in my approach by simply stating 'let he without sin cast the first stone'. We all tend to pass judgement all the time (rightly or wrongly),and the hypocrisy here was alarming, hence the reason why i chose to be 'the voice of reason' lol!!!
The good thing is that i know you guys feel my point, the bad thing is that you won't admit it.
Of 'cos Bibi is free to write whatever she wants to write on her blog, and the rest of 'us' have no right to express our true opinions on her posts except we 'stoop to her level of insults'. I strongly beg to differ.

Anonymous said...

Wow, ditzy? Ha, you haven't read my blog have you? Yo, Anonymous. You need to make yourself known, I would just love to see your blog.

Your bringing Bibi more publicity to her blog.. and also me. Keep it up! Loving it.

naija shawty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
naija shawty said...

ohemgee, where have i been?
if not for nigerian fetish.
na wa for u, anonymous.
there is a very easy, practical advice; GET A LIFE.
dont reply me. i dont have any other time to advise u

ramm-9ja-babe: haters are the indication of ones progress

Beulah! said...

First time here!!!

I agree with u jo!...u dont allow bad experieneces u've had spoil u for life. Lift ur head up high & carry go..

*Diane* said...

mehn this post was too deep. i feel you completely jo

cerberus said...

'For someone with a degree in Psychology, you are the definition of stupid'

... T.K.O

Buttercup said...

wow @

@ Bibi, I hope u r feeling better, hon?

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.