May 10, 2009


Hey y'all, whats good? first of all, i have to apologize to everyone who commented on my previous posts. i haven't been replying your comments because i haven't had a computer at my disposal for a while now. So i've been using my phone to hop in and out of blogsville for the past couple of weeks. Anyways, i know the topic has you itching. sugar daddy? well, i have to disappoint you a little. i don't have a real life sugar daddy. At least not the last time i checked. lol. But i kinda have one that provides for me. Before y'all get on my case, lemme explain. So, last summer i decided to spoil myself with a new phone. A rather expensive one but i was willing to buy it and so i did. Or i think i did. since i use tmobile, i gave them a call and ordered the phone. The customer representative guy told me that they would send me the bill (which was $380) along with my monthly, so i kukuma chilled. My monthly bill came and it was just the way it always was. no 380 included. Being a christian babe that i am (clears throat) i called them and told them that they forgot to send me the phone bill. They said they would the next month and i said okay. Next month came and went, no phone bill. Imagine me and my mouth wen dey scratch me, i called them again! imagine that! i know, i know, but sometimes my conscience makes me do things...*sighs* Anyways, i called them again and they told me the same thing. "we will include the cost to your next month's bill". The next bill sha came again and like before, the phone cost was not in it. This time i didn't call them to tell them anything o! na their business be that. Months went by and early January this year, i decided to axt stupid and receive a phone call while i was standing in the rain waiting for a bus although i had an umbrella. Matter of fact, it was BSNC who i was talking to so blame her for me. lol. Anyways, after the phone call i got home and tried using my precious but it was off and refused to come on. I called the tmobile people and they asked me to check that lil paper at the battery side of the phone that was supposed to be white? Mine was pink! That meant that the phone had been water damaged. They agreed to send me another phone but i had to pay them an extra $100. what will i do na? i agreed. I got my new phone a couple of days later and when the monthly bill came again, i didn't see any $100 charge. Since i was broke that period, i didn't even call to notify them of their mistake. which one be my own? so, just last week here, my precious just froze. He refused to work. No matter which of his button i pressed, he just sat there looking and me. His lights weren't even blinking! So i called my people again o. Let me just digress at this point and advice all the ladies. If you ever need a favor from your phone company, DO NOT TALK to a female representative. They are mean! seriously. when i called, i talked to this lady. i already knew she was going to give me trouble. Imagine she told me that i had to send my phone to them for inspection and after two weeks, they would decide if they will give me a new one or not. Imagine that! Never ever, in my history with tmobile has anyone ever told me that. i sha asked this lady what she expected me to use during those two weeks when they will be "deciding". She adviced me to go to a tmobile shop and get a rental phone for $100. I laughed in her ears and told her to forget it. I didn't even know they had rental phones. na wa o! Anyways, i hung up and called back after about 30 mins. i knew i was going to talk to another representative. Lucky enough for me it was a guy. i turned on the charm and tuned into the sexy voice. I got not only a new phone but a new battery and charger for my efforts. lol. My memory card has crashed and i think i'll call to talk a new one out of them soon. All under a phone i haven't paid for. That's my suga dadda. lol


Jayla. said...

lol, wow dats kool. Why this kain thing no dey happen to me?

UnderCover07 said...

Lol...real sugar dada! Lucky u! But u're so right 'bout female customer reps being mean. I'd rather deal with guys any day...I once owed about $125 @ my sch library for not returning books after like 2 semesters. The guy @ the check-out place wiped out the fees b4 I cld say jack! All I had to do was smile...:).

Bibi said...

JAYLA- what can i say? this scorpio chic is in rapport with the stars. lol. don't worry, it will when you need it most.

UNDERCOVER07- yes o! my real life suga dadda. and for the female reps, they just hatin. A smile always does it. lol

thanks for dropping by. mwah.

Confessions of a London gal said...

Why dont I get that kinda luck?
Even with my Insurance sef, I'm still struggling for them to get my phone replaced!
Lucky lucky you!
And you are soo right... them female staff too like so so drama!

My World said...

Wow,you are 1 lucky chic...

juiceegal said...

Ur so so lucky........abeg Bibi come and show me d way o,i lost my phone after one week of getting it on contract nd tmobile dint even replace it for me.....nd yea it was a female i spoke to..they are so bitchy....hissssssss

Miss Natural said...

lol...i love talking to guys on the phone, they are so much easier to handle. You get the occasional nice lady, but suffice to say I'm sad when I see its a lady. That's some kind of blessings, soooo cool. whoever your sugarD is he will continue to bless u

Thanks for stopping by my blog, if my body clock was that I'd be unhappy though, the way I love sleeping hmmmmm. You say you read, what kind of books do you read? I love reading but havent had much time thanks to exams.

Bibi said...

CONFESSIONS- insurance ke? and dem never still give you new one? lia lia. the females just hatin cuzz of the nigerianess in our voices. lol

MYWORLD- Girl, we thank God o!

JUICEEGAL- heh? you say wetin? only one week? and they're not getting you a new one? pls, call back and talk to a dude. they are more reasonable to talk to. they have to give you a new one o! in fact, lemme send you my suga dadda's luck so he can help you out too. lol

MISSNATURAL- AMEN!!! i claim it with both hands and legs o! i love historical romance, thrillers and a lil bit of mystery. what bout you?

leggy said...

wow...okay this one na the no strings attached sugar daddy wey no dey even bother ask u for nything in return...he he wa oh..i go soon switch from at and t to t-mobile those at and t peeps just dey furstrate themselves say na person dem dey do.

The Nigerian Fetish said...

Hahahaha, wow, I thought that you were going to start saying that you were calling the same guy at the service..

Yes females are rude, they will sit there and bombard you with what you can do and not do.. Then they won't even do the job right! UGggghh..

But you are lucky though. I'm going to try to sound sexy on the phone.. haha..

Sweetnothin' said...

good for you.......enhoy while it last

Bibi said...

LEGGY- hehehe, thats the good tin with my suga daddy. he ask for nothing in return. lol

NIGERIAN FETISH- try it. it works. endorsed by Bibi. lol

SWEETNOTHIN- i intend to o! Thanks

Zena said...

If I had this kind of luck ehn!kai, lol if it was me, I'd have probably been charged for things I didn't even order, lol

Do you want to help me order some things lemme to share in this your luck

RocNaija said...

Talk true biko.. And give me the number of your jazzman..

Of course tmob might just rectify their error all at once and send you a bill for $5,000.. :D

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

hahaha Miss bibi ..Girl na wa 4 u wat is it that your doing oooo ...and you told me you aint got a nice voice .. oh please course you have babe!! You need to speak to my own t-mobile sha

Hun holla at me x

naijagirl said...

lol. I am glad yu have a phone. with the accessibility of phones these days, being without it makes you feel naked.

yu laughed at the rep? lol, i woud have been frustrated. i think i was told the phone rental is 20 bucks although the day i tried going, the store told me they dont rent anymore cos customers dont bring it back.

Tinu said...

na wa oooo!Bibi come and teach me now!!Rogers over here in canada wants me to pay 500 to cancel my account cos im moving!!i miss mtn!

Bibi said...

ZENA- na who you wan carry go jail. if them send u come, tell them say you nor see me for house o! lol

ROCNAIJA- God forbid bad thing! tufia! Roc, why you want put sand sand for my garri na?

FLYHIGH- what can i say babes? no long tin o. lol

NAIJAGIRL- i felt more exposed than naked without my precious. i was wondering who was calling, what was happening, matter of fact, i'm thinking of buying one just as a spare in case of emergencies like this.

TINU- 500?! say who die? i reject that one for you o! 500 ke? i still can't get that figure out of my head. seriously. lol

BSNC said...

hahaha na your sugar daddy indeed.

you are a favored child jare.

Penelope said...

lol...its probabli just your luck.

Chi-Chi said...


Brilliant man ...

I also have problems with my phone company and billings

but i know how to deal with them

sha the ladies haven't been that bad.

I spoke to a man last,when i had complains. He didn't even put any effort to help me

I shall call them soon for more wahala


Nice Anon said...

with your voice and all. Totally can see it happening

Good Naija Girl said...

I sha commend you for trying to pay the $380 but I wonder why you're having such a rough time getting a phone that doesn't act up on you!

(That was smart to call again. Cell phone companies can be talked into anything I'm told. It hasn't worked for me o!)

In my case I would be more likely to get charged for something I didn't a)purchase or b)receive than to get something for free!

HRM said...

i beg you....teach me wateva trick it is
lucky you i guess

"stalkingly urs"

cerberus said...

You lucky lucky somebody. Take me to your dibia.

Angel said...

Nothing like this ever happens to me lol. Very cool

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

luck you bibi.
wish that kinda stuff happens in naija,
bur for where???, all those stingy koko, mtn and zain we will keep dreaming.

Adaeze said...

lol. you may order a phone for me too so i dont have to pay :-P

LG said...

awooooooooooof dey run belle o :-)

scribble, said...

ah in fact, you're just the person to talk to..u need to introduce me to this ur sugar daddy o! My BB's gone and acted up on me

Cappuccine Baby said...


Afrobabe said...

oh my God, and you never paid for the phone?? I am moving to tmobile...oh shit the one in uk is crap...

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

afrobabe more than crapp mate!!

Shubby Doo said...

girl...someone is certainly smiling down on you!

Blog Critic said...


jhazmyn said...

Oya, confess which babalawo did you visit ?, u lucky lass, or should i say favored? enjoy it jo, no shaking

bob-ij said...

LOOOOOOL>>>So yous used us?? This is good oh! That can't even happen in Canada that you pay for a new one...even the one that was water'll just tell them you're changing phone companies..and yeah...women are almost always mean to women..

p.s. BSNC should pay o!.lol...jokes! Interesting tale B!.. :D


Bibi said...

BSNC- God know say i nor get money like that nia make. lol

PENELOPE- thanks o! na so we see am.

CHI CHI- my own trick is that i keep on calling till i hear what i want to hear. if one guy is talking trash, i hangup and call back later until i get maybe the jjc who doesn't know how things work. hehehe

NICE ANON- Awwwww, thanks babe. (said in my cutest voice). lol

GOODNAIJAGIRL- i wonder the same thing myself but as long as they keep giving me new ones whenever mine goes bad, i'm cool with it. but err...maybe it has a lil something to do with the way i use the fones? just maybe. lol

HRM- stalkingly mine? lol. but i told you na, it is all my suga daaddy's doing. no tricks. hehehe

CERBERUS- lol. thanks but dibia ko dibia ni. i will introduce you into the aristos business. lol

Bibi said...

ANGEL- lol. all in due time m'dear

OPTIMISTIC ALYZZZZ- na because our eye too open reach back nia make. lol

ADAEZE- i have told you and zena. who you want put for jail? if them send you come tell them say you nor meet me for house o!

LG- lol. nothin dey happen. disease nor dey kill african woman

SCRIBBLES- long time no show babes, whats going on? as for your bb, sry bout that. i'm thinking about getting one soon. neways, my suga daddy nor dey handle guys. only babes allowed. so.... lol

CAPPUCINE BABY- yes o! norrin do me. lol

AFROBABE- too bad bout that. the one here does okay. and their customer service like you can see, does it for me. hehehe

SHUBBY DOO- yes o! we thank God o!

BLOG CRITIC- errrr....hey?

JHAZMYN- correct babe! no shaking true true o.

BOBJI- do you work at tmobile?! and yes absolutely true. it is all BSNC's me drag my debt na. lol

thanks for stopping by my people! preciate it.

Chari said...



well you know what they say about awoof nau...

Miss Natural said...

Yup I love historical romance with the story line on scottish people, the highlanders. They just seem much more sexier than English and Irish lol. I like horror, John Saul horror, mystery like Mary Higgins Clark, african american fiction (just to relax), british comedy and hardcore crime books (martina cole).

Original Mgbeke said...

Wow, I need a sugar daddy in my life o! See blessing.

Omo Oba said...

u are a lucky fish. I want to tell myself that I would have been a good girl like u and would have called. but thats a lie, I would have taken the phone very graciously and prayed that the bill would never come. guess God decided that this phone will not be paid for by you, i am jealousing u. And much as I hate to admit it is true, your advice on talking to male workers over women is so on point. great post.

simeone said...

really funny..enjoyed reading this..
hav a luvli week..

RocNaija said...

All we are sayiinnnnn..
Come and updateeeee

justdoyin said...

LOL...lucky u...seems u r right about d female attendants, but y is that d case, I wonder? guess they'll be nicer to male customers though...

I took my phone in to 1 of their outlets recently with a complaint, n yes, it was a female attendant...she offered me this terribly ugly, haggard looking phone as replacement for 2 weeks...I said NO! thanks...

*Diane* said...

hilarious!!! why doesn't things like this ever happen to mean the getting a new phone

Freedom AT LAST! said...

Hi Bibi, Now that is a Sugar Daddy for yA! Someone. I mean something that you count on LOL...

What Nigerian Women deal with. said...

please i need at least 5 sugar daddies, one for each purpose. please make that 7, i just remembered 2 other things.

Writefreak said... this girl you will not kill me...So we shall call this guy your mobile sugar daddy! lol

SouLBoutiQue said...

LOL, na so that be your sugar daddy! You are lucky! And a good christian, you called back twice!!! I would have called once...that is it.

AliBee said...

Na wow!!! you need to teach me how to use that voice so i can get favors like that as well..... :)


hmm, na wa for you oh!


aloted said...

first time here..i think..and totally loved this post...i agree male customer care people are better...

in my office canteen i always go to the guy to pay my bill cuz i know he will undercharge me with a smile.. the woman..kai too wicked!

will be back

juiceegal said...

Bibi where are you now??? Uv bin gone for too long,hope ur ok sha?? Just checkin on u

NaijaBloke said...

Abeg u fit help me out with T-mobile 'cos I never Jam luck like that with them o

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doll said...

LOL...i need a sugar dada too...MTN?

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