March 26, 2009


oooookay. So, i was tagged by scribbles (who i'm crushing on by the way) and i guess now i have to reveal 11 things about me? i hope i have that right. Anyways let's get to it shall we?

1. I am an only child but i grew up in a house of 16 where i was the youngest. so, it was survival of the fittest. That's where i got my badass from.

2. I get easily bored with guys. You need to keep me guessing. And so far....

3. Guys go gaga over my voice. I even had one guy offer to be my wake up call in the mornings so he could hear my voice fresh from sleep. Go figure

4. I never get mad. Upset maybe but not mad-angry. Serioulsy. Even my mother has never seen me angry. I just shrug it off or plan my revenge. Too much energy wasted on anger

5. oh, i just got my very first pair of Sam Elderman shoes. I felt it deep in my pocket but...when a girl falls in love, a girl falls in love. lol

6. I am multi-talented i guess. i design jewellries, clothes, write movie scripts, you name it, i do it. even paint. walls though. just found that out

7. I really know my way around a kitchen. Nigerian, American, Kenyan and a lil chinese. I'm not even kidding.

8. I've never been in "looooove". Whenever my friends talk about that "i am on cloud nine" feeling, i go, "okay. but i'll be here to catch you when you fall back down to earth"

9. I loooove books. I own a mini library at home. i even once read three books in a day. Jeffery Archer books. And I retold the stories from beginning to end. Beat that.

10. I never had an issue with my body like some girls do. I always knew how to make my body healthy and look good

11. Finally, I want Scribbles. lol

I hereby tag The Nigerian Fetish, The Poet's voice, Au Nptural, Just DB, Enkay, Doll, oh and the guy responsible for all this, Scribbles. Have fun.

As per Nene, I took her out today and we spent all day hitting the malls. We had fun and I hope my talk had an impact. I think it did though cos by the time i took her home, she was looking and feeling much better. Even her mother noticed it. Anyways, she promised to call me whenever she felt down or felt like talking. I would have loooved to post our conversation but this therapist and role model thank you very much, practices confidentiality. lol


BSNC said...

i am sooo first.. hmm so you are crushing on scribbles, he will find that interesting... thank goodness nene is okay. its good to know

bukkysexy said...

who be scribbles now? as for the books, i blieve ya!

Anonymous said...

Lol......oooooohhh I see my name on the board..

Thanks for the recognition!

Repressed One said...

Good to hear about Nene...

Multi-talented huh? Good for you oh, I'm soo jelox...

Sting said...

I so envy u number 4- not getting angry. That's my greatest weakness, my achilles heel.

Oh, i bet i can beat u on the books thing. For sho!

Good Naija Girl said...

You're so talented! Will you share pics of some of the things you make? I for one would love to see it!

I'm glad your time with Nene was good for both of you, and that she was in better spirits. Go you!

Arewa said...

good to hear that nene is feeling much better.

i feel u on #2. i get so bored after the 3 mnth mark!

Afronuts said... must be either a melancholy or a phlegmatic, or a bit of both...

JustDB said...

good to know Nene's much better.... Err.. I already just did this meme o......

scribble, said...

u cant tag me! I already did it lol

so you want Scribbles eh? but ask yourself a question. can you handle Scribbles? hehe

Miss Multi-talented, i'd like to see some of your work

on the not getting angry thing, i'm same, but I dont know if it's healthy. Had something of an irrational outburst a few years back...felt extremely silly about 10 minutes later

i'm glad to hear about Nene. And God bless you for caring

scribble, said...

p.s. the voice that makes the boys go gaga..i'm intrigued ;)

Zena said...

I get angry in a heartbeat, dont express it as much, but I envy you on that

I thought there was something wrong with me before, because men cant keep my interest for more than a week, give me a month and I'm like who?

I love to read as well, unfortunately school hasn't let me do any leisure reading on the side.

~Sirius~ said...

No one can mess with this one- what! 15 siblings........

I really need to hear this voice- Oi! I'm so straight, don't get any ideas!

Shubby Doo said...
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Shubby Doo said...

good to hear that nene is ok. love your multiple talents. i have an eye for such things but not the creative kind so i doff

@BSNC - 1st again here 2...womanu are on a roll

Original Mgbeke said...

Who is Scribbles? Is he fine so that I can snatch him from you? :-D

Ahhh so you sabi throw down well well, woman of many talents. You fit marry my cousin o.

Buttercup said...

thank God nene is better..

good for u being multi-talented and all..

i also hardly get angry..

u've never been in love, huh? maybe u've been waitng for scribbles???? hmm..

Mocha said...

No 2 - totally get that. he has to "stimulate" my body AND mind.

No 4 - thats just scary for real..*nervous laugh*

No 5 - toooooootally relate. A girl and her shoes *cu blissful sigh*

No 6 & 7 - good on you girl! girl gat skills. too mushz!

No 9 - Are you sure we're not related??

No 10 - You need to bottle that knowledge and sell it.

Glad Nene's doin better.
I'm so worried kids these days have no one to talk to or realistic role models.

"This generation is sorely misguided. These people are MODELS not ROLE MODELS" said my dad of the new generation "celebutants"

Keep being there for her.
And thanks for your kind words..muchos gracias chica x

Bibi said...

THE NIGERIAN FETISH-Wish u luck wit it babes
BSNC- thanx babe!
BUKKYSEXY- Scribbles is the kind of blogger ur ma warned u about. And girl, u need to get a blogger account!
THE REPRESSED ONE- That's just a roundup. There r so many things I do that I didn't list. lol. I'm sure there r loads of other things u can do.

STING- wanna bet?

GOOD NAIJA GIRL- aww, thanx girl! I just might post some pics soon.

AREWA- glad to see that it's not just me. lol.

AFRONUTS- I would say ur rite but I believe we all have a little bit of all the temperaments. Depending on the situation we're placed in. What d'ya think?

JUSTDB- Awwwww men!

SCRIBBLE ME FREE- Oh well, your tag didn't come with instruction manuals so, I'll feign ignorance. lol
Can I handle you? Baby, I'll handle you and then some. Hehehehe....
As for da voice....its a blessing and a curse.

ZENA- I know what u mean. But I cast and bind anything that keeps me away from my books. lol

SIRIUS- 15 siblings, 10 brothers. Even my friends crush ova my voice. They're straight. lol

SHUBBY DOO-Yes o! We thank God

ORIGINAL MGBEKE- You'll just have to get in line cos I'm snatching him from lady

BUTTERCUP- I can think of many things I can fall into with scibbles but love? No comment. lol

Bibi said...

MOCHA- Errr....I'll havr to go look at the family tree again cos like u said, we might be related. Thanx for stopping by. And remember, God dey.

Lolia said...

16? Wow is all I can say to that. And when I tell people that I want to have 6 children they look at me somehow! So who were the other 15 people in the house? Cousins and relatives yeah?

Meanwhile awwwww I hope your talk had an impact on Nene too. Will keeping praying for her



Wow, good thing Nene is feeling better. I am amazed at how cruel human beings can be and at such early ages. Nene just needs to learn to love herself. God made her beautiful.

So, you cook Kenyan food? Can you make chapatis? I had some friends, guys by the way that made the best chapatis...ahhhh Between Sugabelly's pics of cake and all this talk about food, I am about to raid the fridge...

Bibi said...

SOLOMONSYDELLE-Yep. I make a mean chapatis. Its hard work though. All that rolling and folding but at the end of the day....yum!

Anonymous said...

*hiss can you get more confidential than blogville???

arrh mehn this honest scrap meme thing is one meme I hope I never get tagged on...ahnahn!

Au Naptural said...

Why do folks love to do memes so much? LOL! I finally did it

Where do I sign up for cooking lessons. I can throw down, but your extensive list just made me want to step my game up. LOL!

And I'm glad to hear Nene is doing better. Keep up with her as much as you can.