March 16, 2009


Hey y'all. What's good? or First of all, let me say in advance that this post is one of a sensitive nature. so, if i say anything that is annoying to anyone I apologize in advance. Okaaay. So, let's get down to business. I have a question o. What is it with all this hating some other Africans are hating on Nigerians? For those of you who don't understand, let me explain it to you. I don't know if this is everywhere, but in the area where i live (Maryland US)there are quite a number of Africans but there seems to be some kind of animosity between the Nigerians and other Africans. I noticed that when I meet SOME (emphasis on some)Africans and tell them "i'm from Nigeria", their reaction becomes almost robotic. I say this from personal experience. I was once hanging out with an Ethiopian guy and all of a sudeen he told me,

GUY- you know other Africans hate you guys right?

ME- Really? why?

GUY- I asked this Camerounian friend of mine and he said that it is because you guys feel as though your country is better than the others and also because you guys feel as though you are better than other Africans because you have more opportunities in America.

What the hell?!! What is this guy talking about? And he wasn't even through yet.

GUY- They say that Nigerians are snobby and rude and that y'all think that you know everything, that you English is better and that you're better than any other African country.

Blah blah blah.
I just sat there dumbstruck like, are you serious?. I brushed it off my mind and forgot about the whole incident until about a week ago. I was waiting in the doctor's office for a physical when this girl walked in. I noticed her cos she looked like a friend's sister back in Nigeria. so, she sat a couple of seats away from me and said "hi". i said "hello" and we just sat there for a while. i just kept saying to myself, "she looks so familiar". And bite my big tongue, i decided to ask her. Big mistake

ME- Excuse me, are you Nigerian?

Chic circled her head with her hands and snapped her fingers (in the tufiakwa manner)

CHIC- God forbid. i'm from Cameroun o. Not Nigeria

Oookay. i sat down there like what the f was that about? I was trying to figure out what that outburst was all about and it seemed chic also thought that her outburst was weird because she tried explaining. Again, big mistake

CHIC- I mean, Nigerians are just too wicked and pompous. they think they know everything and that they own America. They also think that their women are the most beautiful women in Africa. They are just show offs. All of them

Is this chic for real? I sat down there quitely stewing. HOW DARE SHE?!! Who the hell does she think she is? Then, i heard two voices in my head. The first one, which was the Americanized me was like "Bibi, she's just biased. Shrug it off and let it go". While the second voice, which was the born and bred in Waffi me was like "this chic dey craze. Bibi, you go just allow am yan opata like that? do something jare". I shoved the Americanized me to the side and looked at this chic

ME- You know what? My bad. You're right, I don'k know how I could have ever mistaken you for a Nigerian. Because for one, a Nigerian would never suffer from this kind of inferiority complex thing you have going on. Plus, you're just not pretty enough because you know what else you're right about? We do have the most beautiful women.

(I just had to throw that one in to shake her rattle a lil bit. lol) She just looked at me with disdain

CHIC- So, you're from Nigeria?

ME-Hmm hmm, best place in the world

CHIC- see what i mean? you guys are so proud and arrogant. If Nigeria is such a great place, what are you all rushing here for?

ME- i'm sorry but it's not my fault if you are not as proud of your country as i am of mine. because if you start telling me about how great Cameroun is right now, i would probably say 'oh thats nice' and not that you are proud and arrogant. and by the way what gives you the right to judge us when you don't even know us?

CHIC- it's not about being proud of your country. see, i know a lot of Nigerians. i go to school with them and i work with them. they are rude, loud, disrespectful and arrogant. and you have no idea what people say about Nigerian girls

ME- Not as bad as what they say about Camerounian girls i'm sure

CHIC- what do they say?

ME- they say that y'all are useless, stupid, cheap and ugly. but unlike you, i'll rather get to know someone specifically before classifying them into a stereotype that you have no basis for

(chuckles) this chic has me sprouting all my SOC 101 terminologies o. lol anyways,

CHIC- I'm not stereotyping anyone. you all are the same....

Luckily enough, the nurse called my name and i had to leave. if not, Chic and I would have had one hot topic on our laps. but this got me thinking and for the first time i noticed something while i was on i started watching this movie featuring Van Vicker and some Nigerian stars. To say the least, this movie sucked like hell. i couldn't even watch up to 30 mins of it. So, i was going through the reviews to see if anyone had something good to say about it when i ran into this couple of comments.

GIRL 1- OMG. Van sucks. someone needs to teach these Ghanian actors how to act. and i don't understand why we need to have them in our movies. if you ask me, we do just fine

GIRL 2- what do you mean by these "Ghanians". why do Nigerians think that they are so high and mighty and that they are better than any other country in Africa? you all are a bunch of (i really can't type in those word here. lol)

GIRL 3- you got that right. If Nigerians were so great, why would they have our artists in their movies. Nadia is prettier than any Nigerian actress by far and if you ask me, we make their movies worth watching.

I know, these people are hilarious. i know it is not a laughing matter but really. Get real. this really had me thinking.

Nigerians are very outspoken and social. So?

We talk about our country too much. So?

We think we have the most beautiful women. So? (which we do by the way. lol)

We love to be seen and heard. So?

Are these enough reasons for us to be labelled a arrogant, rude and disrespectful people? I don't think so.
So, in conclusion if anybody has a problem with me being Nigerian, you can go drown yourself for all i care because I am loving every single ounce of Nigerian blood that flows in these veins of


RocNaija said...

All the hateration.. Hollaration!
Funny ish right there..
Gotta say I haven't experienced it first hand myself though..

I guess it's up to you to rep your hood.. and if you don't feel it's worth repping yours don't hate on a naija man that does!


Anonymous said...

LMAO, its a normal thing for me these days, especially from the male folks but like they say, confidence is termed arrogance when others around you lack it. Then again we could be very loud at times, thanks for stopping bye, appreciated.

Uzezi said...

this is serious o. i have heard about this, and really i believe it is a complex thing because nigerians are very hard working people. anywhere they are, they make it work for themselves even if it didnt work for others. others confuse these confidence for something else.

and don't forget, other african countried will want to measure themselves against nigerians. it is a big thing when another african country can defeat nigeria during a football match, cos it means their football standard has risen

Writefreak said...

I like the topic ingenous!

I'm a Nigerian and i'm proud to be one! Naija for life!

Zena said...

O mo, youy described my experience, but with Kenyan's sudanese and an ethiopian

My Kenyan friend said she wanted to introduce me to her other friends in her model U.N class and that they were African and they'd be pleasantly surprised at me, I asked her why and she told me to watch.

We went to the table, I said hello to everyone and we all hit it off when all of a sudden the Sudanese girl asked where I was from, I said Nigeria,if you see how the whole table started screamin

"Are you sure". "you", "but you don't act Nigerian" all the shouting, I said what does that mean, they proceeded to tell me all the things u mentioned, you people are too pompous, you're to arrogant, to this, to that,

I asked, well you've met a Nigerian now, did I act like that? they all kept quiet,

The ethiopian girl said, "you must be ghanian, you're just lying"

I got up and left

sorry for the long response jare, this is an ongoing topic with friends and I

Naija 4 life

scribble, said...

well said Bibi

"I'm not stereotyping anyone. you all are the same...."

What? Err, I think CHIC needs to find a dictionary (Webster's, not the cheap one she used to learn english) and look up the meaning of the word "stereotype".

In Zena's words, Naija 4 Life

brownskinaijachic said...

most people dont believe am nigerian too. well everybody for their own.. niaja all the way. nice post

Fashinga said...

Standing Ovation!!!!! I totally loved this post because i could relate to it in so many ways than one...

The difference btw Nigerians and other africans is that we love ourselves so darn much and i dont think there's anything wrong abt it..

"She circled her head (in a tufiakwa manner" lol!!!!!!!! i love your vocabulary girl...

Later Sweetie!!!

Emeka Amakeze said...

Naija for life. We're proud of our Nigerianness and as Tigers, we fearlessly and without apologies exhibit our tigeritude. If you don't like it, you can hate it. It doesn't make much of a difference. We love to be heard.
We love to represent our country.
We love to be loud.
We love our women because they are the sweetest and most beautiful of the female specie.
We are friendly, accomodating, social,hardworking, adventurous and everywhere is home for us.
I can go on and on and on

Sting said...

LOL.... it is a laughing matter.

Can't we all get along? I haven't noticed the nigerian hating in this part of the country. I love all my African people.

Bibi said...

ROCNAIJA- Damn rite. And be glad it hasn't happened to you becos it makes you want to break some bones believe

SPREZATURA- I know rite? if you ignore or diss a guy they'll be like "oh, she's a Nigerian" as though that explains it all.

UZEZI- I absolutely agree that Nigerians work very hard and above all, when we are in a foreign country, we stick together. there's much to hate about that i guess. lol

WRITEFREAK- Thanks for the compliment and coming from a writefreak, it is much acknowledged. lol

ZENA- i tell you, i wish i had your patience. i really tried to shrug it off. i did. but the agbero in me just refused to bulge. lol

SCRIBBLE ME FREE- I will tell her that if i see her again. believe


FASHINGAA- Thanks for dropping by girl. and thanks for your love of my vocabulary. lol

EMEKA AMAKEZE- Why did you stop? lol. true word. we are all that and more

STING- true. we are all Africans and we should be proud of it and stick together when we find ourselves in a different environment from home. Addition, not division. lol

Thank you all for coming through

Buttercup said...

hey bibizzle!!!!!(u had berra get used to seeing the 'zzle' when buttercup is involved :P) thanx for stopping by chari's and mine!

off i go to find out what bibizzle is about!

Buttercup said...

lol @ ur response to miss cameroun! well, she asked for it..

its everywhere mehn..u need to come to SA and see what im talking about..the whole stereotyping thing really gets to me, sometimes i just wanna slap someone!

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Love your blog missy!

hahah@ your responce to that chic ...

What your saying is nothing new to me sha ..I live in London and too be honest if you say to anyone name and African country of your head they are likely to say 'Nigeria' we are well known for all the good mentioned and the bad ( 419 lol so sorry but here in London most Nigerians are stereotyped as 419ers because of what some Nigerians come here and do)

Same as some peoople here , people(who are not Nigerian) normally think I am not Nigerian only because of my attitude and tone of voice lol they say Nigerians have a harsh tone of voice , aggresive etc etc ...

Nigerians are proud people no doubt ...even this younger generation in London they are proud to stand and say they are fom Naija ..bk in the day like 5years ago it was not like that ...but maybe because of all the new artist repin in naij and the films they see Naij as becoming a success so they are now proud to rep.

but that conversation was funny!! too funny!

**sorry for the long comment oh**

Daring said...

9ja babes no dey take rubbish, not to even talk of a typical carry last na crime, patapata na draw (My version lol)

I think the 'hateration' syndrome is ineviatble...Nigerians in diaspora should learn to come to grips with it. it can be very annoying i know but some sort of diplomacy can help.

We can't deny the fact that tribal 'hateration' exists even at home (9ja), but tolerance has been our handy formula.

As humans we strive to live as one but our ego, complex, our differences always stand as the august enemy. Maybe karl marx cant be more right when he posits that an egalitarian society is an unreal one.

interesting write!

Dabizniz said...

I think it is just Nigerians in America that have this problem ....joke

Really it's no biggie sometimes I forget there are other Africans bar us

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Bibi,
I was just checking out your digs.
You have just experienced what it's like to be from Compton and I would suspect Brooklyn. The Reputation is some good/some bad but it's always a stong opinion.

I think most of it's bull ish anyway. I am an Afrikan American and I know several Nigerians. Mostly Ibo's and Yorubas but one of the things that got said to me by another A/A was that the Ibos sold us into Slavery for Liquor and Candy! The Ibos would defend themselves saying that they didn't know what they were selling us into. And I believe that it's just one more thing they use to divide us and keep us apart.

The point is don't get caught up in the bull ish! Be Proud and United! God Bless and Be sure to stop by.
Mista Jaycee
PS I am not Sista Jaycee, the Biblical Writer although she has great tastes in names.

Omotee! said...

Hateration?! babe, i don like u before, i come love u join, u get correct vocab.

too bloody bad they hate us, so what if we are all those things they like to say about us? and yes we do have the loveliest and finest women, why da hell would we apologise for that?! make dem carry their petitions go meet God jare.
if she knew u werent just nigerian but waffi chic (they dont even know the difference), she for no talk, we were created not to chop shit of any kind!

they should work on their frigging complex or just sit down somewhere and shut up. we send anybody?! shio!
besides, its too late to wish we were something else.


singamaraja said...

Singamaraja reading your blog

Anonymous said...

I so feel you.
I had this Ghanian Friend at my school say the same thing and now I cant even speak to her anymore. And I LOVED your responses to her questions. XOXO o jare.

Bibi said...

BUTTERCUP- hey cuppizzle (what? butterizzle doesn't sound so good) thanks for stopping by mine. i know how you feel. i just wanna slap someone too. lol

MISS FLYHIGH- true word. and thanks for stopping by.

DARING- lol. we nor fit carry last true true o.

DABIZNIZ- lol. but if you tell that to some Africans, they will say " oh my gosh. he's so arrogant". imagine

MISTA JAYCEE- thanks for stopping by. i hope the broken english wasn't too much for you. lol. anyways, i say that it is such a shame and liquor and candy? i don't think so. lmao

OMOTEE- Babe, i don tire for these people o. dem dey pull my wire seriously. but God na my help. lol


TEMITE- good ridiance i say. like i said, get to know me before stereotyping me. lol

Thank y'all for stopping by. preciate it.

wordsmith said...

lol tell them o, that thing has pissed me off from the first time it happened to me
hey i was thinking of starting a new blog called the nigerian woman (i swear you helped put the idea in my mind) - about funny or serious stories and issues you see that affect you...
you want in?

9ja_Kuti said...

they say nigerians act like the next best thing after sliced bread. i say who else best hold that title than NIGERIANS.

i dont look down on others but when they come in my space with their HATERATION, the anti-haterationist in me kicks in sharply.


9ja_Kuti said...

last year i told my liberian friend i was attending the nigerian day parade in NYC and she just couldnt understand how nigerians could have a parade in the city and have NYPD block off part of 2nd avenue for them.

LG said...

9ja for life mehn!!!!!!!
*bibi chop knuckles :-)

blogoratti said...

lol@-Hmm hmm, best place in the world. Classic! I'll drink to that!

Anonymous said...

RocNaija said...

Hi B..
Thanks for the heads up!
Try using this link on your blogroll instead...

Sorry about the hassle!!

J'Adore Fashion said...

intresting topic "hateration"
I think we should be proud of where we are from and not condemn others! proud of nigeria :)

Lady Koko said...

hahahhahhahahhah!!!!!!!!! HOT DAMN!!!!!!
first of all koko wud never have even sed hi to her bitch ass...I GUESS AM THE SNOB SHE BE TALKING ABOUT! *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Lol. I LOVE YOUR BLOG>.. I love YOU!!

Realist ish i have heard. You remind me, of ME!!! lol.. you need to check me out..

But it's so true. Well I haven't heard anything about people not liking Nigerians, but people are jealous. See, when you carry yourself higher than people get mad, because they cannot do the same..

It's crazy.. and all those people who talk "ish" are mainly the ones who don't even look half decent.. a shame..

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and I want to become a follower of your blog, but it won't allow me to.. how do i follow? How do i find it?

Confessions of a London gal said...

S'up wit the chic? Which kain madness be dat?

For some reason, we Nigerians tend to have one stigma or d other attached to us, but who cares? In London, its always about how 419ish we can be, but once again, who cares? We've got d good looks afterall! lol

Anonymous said...

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