March 8, 2009


Hey y'all. first of all, let me apologize for not updating in a long time. i know i'm beginning to sound like a broken record but i really am one of the most busy people right now. but na me go look for job abi? lol. the funny thing is that one day about a couple of weeks ago,i woke up at about 2am to blog. i actually started posting something only for my PC to shut off on its own. i eventually got back in and tried finding the post but i didn't. if you see the way i hissed eh. i threw the the laptop away and went back to bed. lol.

But this daylight savings thing has me confused like hell. i got to church late thinking i was early. well, thats my problem abi? anyways, i was going to blog about all the stuff that has been happening in the past month from chrianna to ini edo, but i'm sure that y'all know all that. Plus i have been hearing some stories in the past week that i would like to explore here. First one is, my mother's friend came over to visit a couple of days ago and they got talking but me being my nosy self, walked in and joined in their "discussion". lol. We got talking and she told us about her former pastor. This guy is a Nigerian who lives in the united states without documents (he nor get kpali)lol. well, like all other people who do not have papers, he looked for ways to get one and remember, he is a pastor. so, according to what she said, this guy paid an african-american woman to marry him and file for him. but what tipped the ice burg is that this pastor is already married to a Nigerian woman and now because of all the immigration investigation which occurs, he asked his real wife to move out while the fake wife moved in with him. and this man stands in front of the altar everyday to preach still. is that okay? for anyone to do talk less of a man of God?
i mean, i understand that the only way to succeed in this country is God and your papers but for a man of God whose work is to help us in our quest for salvation to do this, i don't know.

and another thing that i found out is that a research was conducted by this organization that tracks pornography viewers, (i forgot their name) shows that the states that view pornography more than others, are conservative states. You know, those states that refused to vote for Obama. lol. seriously, conservatives are the ones with family values and are majorly christians. This research claims that they are the major viewers of pornography. according to this research, they keep the pronography industry in Another thing they discovered was, that whenever christians came into a town for a retreat,seminar or things like that, the internet monitor in these hotels note that the rate of pronography viewing shots off the roof. Amazing isn't it? lol

Talking about pornography, i once saw this tyra banks episode where there was an agrument about it. the question is, when we talk about pornography, our minds go straight to men. But research has shown that these days women also view them just as much as men. So, is it okay for a woman to watch porno?
well, i haveta run now. working night kisses people. have fun with it


bukkysexy said...

so you finally decided to blog again uh? lol. what i loved was the pornography issue to talked about. why not? if a man can do it, why not a woman? give me a good reason

mike said...

that pastor will be flogged in heaven, haba! well, cant blame the guy, may be the business in naija is not doing fine. porn... no comment

Afrobabe said...

That pastor needs deliverance but then he is in search of what he percieves to be a better life so if when he gets his papers he takes back his wife, he is forgiven in my

Porn...yes porn...Porn is not really fun for those who are getting some's only exotic to you who dont get much of it so its understandable that christians watch it so they can teach the youth not to do it!!!

Makes sense?

Zena said...

lol, Afro has become cookier than usual, lmao

As per the porn, whatever floats a sisters boat, if she wants to sit down and watch a man fuck a girl while she gets her freak on, I guess to each its own

There was a pastor in brooklyn who did that(cherubim church), word got out and i believe ppl left his church, couldn't pay rent and the church closed down

I'm amamzed at the porn site in regards to the christian convention thingy,lol. I f I disclose this info to mumsy, she'll call me devil's spawn

Fashinga said...

Welcome back babes!!!
Hmm that pastor is funny oh...i cant believe it!! first of all, dont they say that a man should marry only one wife?? fake or not, i dont care..somebody who teaches others abt faith should have had more faith in God.. what's that song christians sing?
*God will make a way, where there seems to be no way* lol!!!!!!

Porn...i concurr with what afro said..people with an active sex life dont really watch porn...not to say im not surprised abt the so called christians...

So Banky is your fave person of the week huh????? na warn i dey warn u oh!!!!! lol...

lets hope you dont run away again...being busy is no excuse..try and update soon..

Later Babes!!

wordmerchant said...

The pastor has to do whatever he has to do to get his papers..wife is probably in it for the greater good.

As per porn..we need it. Porn has saved many a peoples sanity including mine obviously for educational purposes!

RocNaija said...

Amazing stuff.. Just when you think you've heard it all.. something tops it!
I guess he'll probably say seven hail marys and all will be forgiven..
And with Porn.. I'm going to give the bible-holding, church-seminar-attending christians the benefit of doubt.. They were probably scrolling for the Trinity channel and clicked on porn by mistake.. :)
this stuff happens y'kno!

brownskinaijachic said...

yes finally am not posting a comment as anonymous all thx to you... yes ohh that pastor is a total hypocrite, and the porn thing there is nothing new under the sun. u and fashinga better free banky for me ohh. i ve said my own

poeticallytinted said...

This is deep.

I am afraid to touch this subject
oh. Don't even let me start on this one. The only thing I'll say is this, I suppose there are no 'souls' to be saved in Nigeria abi? That's why he just HAS to remain in the US at all costs abi?

I have found out the freakiest people are the most unlikely in appearance. I tell you. This is a theory I've propagated for years. Hence my 'collection' of weird friends. Fact is truly stranger than fiction.

Funms-the rebirth said...

wow what a pastor. I guess we cant blame him tho, hes only a human being trying to find his way.....
lol @ conservative states being the major porn viewrs

Dabizniz said...

Many people battle with pornography and call it harmless fun. It is not edifying at all and opens the door to other temptations and nastiness. I have had struggles with it in the past and found it only distanced me from God.

Personally I say it's no good for either man or woman. It is one hard habit to shift too

Anonymous said...

OMG. that pastor's a freak. a christian one though. lol. and as for the conservatives, i knew it! they are just too goody to shoes if you know what i mean. lmao

freaky business said...

lmao. pornography is very educating but it kindA gets old after all they all do the same fucking thing. lol. nuthin new. although i think there is a difference btw men & women who watch porn. men get off on it but women do it for...i have no clue. lol. good one though gurl

Bibi said...

@ bukky- girl, i hear you
@ mike- why no comment? lol
@ afrobabe- true word that. whatever rocks your boat
@ zena- i know, if i tell my mama too, she'll probabbly go "devil child, devil child" lmao
@ fashingaa- don't worry if i ever have anything to do wit Banky, it'll probably be a collarbo. feel better? lol
@ wordmerchant- you right. it's very educative. (winks) lol
@ rocnaija- i hear you. like my mama always says, when it comes to 9ja, there is nuthin under the sun that we can't do. and as for the porn, trinity channel my booty. lol
@ brownskinaijachic- hey girl, ur welcome and can't wait for what you got to say
@ poeticallytinted- i know. the freakiest are the most shocking. believe that
@ funmstherebirth- we gotta do what we gotta do abi?
@ dabizniz- i know. we joke about it but i have heard about people addicted to this though
@ anonymous- lol @ goody two shoes
@ freaky business- you should know uh? lmao
thanx y'all for coming thru

Saved Girl said...

ahh, porn...a vice a lot of people struggle estranged husband did. thanks for showing love on my blog.

Anonymous said...

men that pastor is so wrong!na wa o!
its funny that conservative states have high porn viewing rate!

Dammy said...

Is the world changing?

I think so!

Nice blog.

StandTall-The Activist said...

Hmmm I will say is it okay for People to watch Porno. I dont think is a question of whether a man or a woman should watch it. It's a matter of whether we as people should.

I will like to say this is a right issue though. As adult, you feel you are free to do whatever is within your right.

What I dont get is why religion people lie that they dont while they use all thier time watching...

Gee said...

ahhhh thats not straight..but then we may never know what drove such a man of God to that point.
For its to pray for the man dat is left o...


dirty people, i am a saint. i'm too innocent for all this dirty porn talk.

Gee said...

hahahahah @ secret diary..ur too funny!