April 16, 2009


Hey y'all, what's good? Or not. lol. I'm typing this post from my phone and at the same time I'm watching 'making the band 4'. So if there's any typo it's Diddy's fault lol. I never used to pay much attention to the show but I accidentally saw it while I was at a friend's house. She's hooked on it. It's just ridiculous the amount of power Diddy has over their lives. They live in fear of him. And whatever he decides is law. Imagine that. Money talks I guess.
Anyways, this post is about some of my experiences with schooling here in the US of A. I have about three occurences to talk about so lets start from the very beginning.
Okay, so I began classes and I felt like a pea in a pond. I had just gotten to the country permanently for about 2 weeks and I was already taking classes. Lemme just say that its a very different ball game when you spend you summers or christmases abroad. It ain't nothing like when you actually live there. I thought I was going to have the time of my life because I usually did when I came over for hols. But living here, I didn't have no friends. No one. Imagine me, Bibi, having a cell phone that was never ringing. Since when? But not only did I know no one, I didn't know how anything was run over here. School especially. Being a uniben babe (All the uniben peeps, holla. lol) I still had this impresson that the professors decide if you pass or not. *shakes head* so I was getting to class 10 minutes early, submitting my papers a week early, never asking questions in class, never talking while the professor is talking and basically being a goody two shoes. i was always amazed at how the other students would diss the professor, have their earphones on in class, pick up their phones in class, interrupt while the professor's still speaking and so on. i would just look at them, shake my head and go, "oooh, they are so failing this class". lol. But to the main event, there was this particular girl who just got on my nerves. you know those notice me ITK (i know it all) types? that was what she was. she would come late to class and ask the professor if she could start over. WTF? Are you serious? Yes she was Nigerian. she would complete the professor's sentences, ask why the professor was giving us so much time to write a paper, basically act like a biotch. She did a whole bunch of BS but wetin concern me? i ignored her because i had issues of my own. It became personal for us all when one day, this professor gave us an assignment and when people started complaining about how much research it would require, she decided to help us out by giving us the names of some websites where we could go for help. As she wrote them down on the board, this ITK raised her hands. "Dr Brown, i don't think it is appropriate for you to be giving out names of those particular websites because they are personally ran and are not supposed to be used for researches of any kind" see me see wahala o! You should have heard the heap of insults everybody started throwing on this girl. Everybody was united in insulting her. Hispanics o, Japenese, Chineses, Americans and even some Pakistans. everybody just started insulting her. But which one be my own? before the woman even clean the list from the board, i don write am down sharp sharp. I forgot all about the whole thing and the semester came to an end. On the day we were supposed to turn in our final papers, ITK walked in without the usual ceremony and asked Dr Brown if she could have a word with her. Both of them stepped outside and suddenly we started hearing their voices. Quiet reigned in the classroom as everybody started listening to what they were saying.

ITK- I don't feel like i have learnt anything in this class. You didn't show up for lectures a lot of times, even when you did show up all you do is give out a list of websites. You weren't a good professor and half the things you teach do not stick. and just so you know, i am not the only one who feels that way. a lot of the students do. Everybody in the class actually. We have all talked about it and we feel the same way. so...

PROF- Ms ITK, this is the last day of class. If you had any issues with my lectures, you were free to drop the class. Well, there is nothing to do about it now...

Say what?!! I was pissed off like hell! see this girl want come put sand sand for my garri o! with my Naija mentality, I thought that if this woman got mad, she would fail us all. At this stage, they were out there arguing like crazy. Itk kept on repeating that she wasn't the only one who felt that way. That the whole class did. Everybody in the class were looking at each other going "what is she talking about?", "is she crazy?", "this girl don lost her damn mind". okay, i admit that Dr Brown was not the best prof. she was lazy as hell and even came to class with white powder all over her neck. For real. she was absent most of the time and she did give a bunch of websites as her lessons. (But when did 'we all' have that kind of discussion?) And as a girl who had schooled in the great Naija before, i could handle anything they threw at me and i handled her. it was nothing to me and i was getting my A. At least i thought so until this Itk come bring this rubbish come.
All of a sudden, Dr Brown stormed into the room and went "Ms Itk has brought to my attention that you all(motions with hand)think that I am a bad professor, that you have learnt nothing from this class and that you all are going to report me to the school administration". Yawa don gas. "I am going to give you all an opportunity to speak your minds so, let me hear it. Does any of you agree or are cohorts to this...complaint?" E be like say nor be only me dey fear F9 because everybody started shaking their heads no and looking at ITK with eyes to kill. "I'm waiting..." i look around and see that nobody is going to speak up so i decide to.

ME- Excuse me Dr Brown, i have something to say

DB- Then get on with it Ms Bibi.

Me- Actually i have something to say to Ms Itk.

DB- Hmm Hmmm

ME- Ms Itk do you know me? Do you know my name? have we ever had a conversation outside or even inside this classroom? so how can you say that 'we all' talked about it and said the same thing. i don't know where you got all these opinions that you say we all share from but please, i do not share those opinions. I personally thought the class was good and so was the professor but that is just my opinion. so please speak for yourself.

As i was speaking, people were shaking their heads and echoing "thats right, you tell her". Anyways, i left that class with an A and made an enemy i guess because since that day, whenever i see her, she gives me this cold look. I also heard that she got a C. Guess she wasn't an ITK after all huh? But who cares? I don't. lol. shoot! my fingers are numb. this is so hard. *sigh* i guess i'll continue on the next post.

By the way, i was supposed to leave you guys with my fave song for now. knocks you down by Keri Hilson, Kanye West and Neyo but i can't seem to figure out how to download songs from youtube. help? anyone?


Tinu said...


Tinu said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!im first!!!!off to read

Tinu said...

ahn ahn and still nobody!!!o well
thank God the profs here are not like the ones in naij!!wo that babe wouldnt be graduating anytime soon!

Tinu said...

ok where is everybody???

Original Mgbeke said...

Students here ehn, dem no dey fear o! Me sef went to Uni in Naija for a little while and when I came here I was sooo miserable. We dey groove well well for that naija uni o, students get liver to even address teacher anyhow? Na when you see one big fat F that you go hia wiiiiiii.

My World said...

Imagine the chic...
I guess the system there makes the students that way..

Adaeze said...

I CANNOT believe that girl. Oh my..
Who does like that? Like, seriously..

Anyway, That song is so gooood I know :)

scribble,me.free said...

aahh the ITK...there's one in every class.

I especially love the one in my Pattern Analysis class that would show up an hour and a half late for a 2 hour lecture and proceed to state that she doesnt understand, and ask the lecturer to explain. She asked about a question a minute

Dear old Dr. Generalis got fed up one day and told her to be quiet

LovePaprika said...

eyah I like knocks you down as well! OMG what a funny story! nice one as you gave her a piece of your mind jeje

flabby said...

abeg- who wants to fail jo

mizchif said...

You see as Amelika dey take spoil someborri...she for like try dat kain rubbish for any naija uni.....she for see as she go ever take graduate!

As for the video embedding...go to you tube, on the rt side of the screen, there's a code for embedding...right-click on it and copy, then paste it on the page of ur post and publish...Viola!
C'est fini.
Hope that helped sha.

Bibi said...

TINU- go Tinu, go Tinu, go Tinu. lol. Na her own be that o!

ORIGINAL MGBEKE- na true word you talk. Naija students have no idea how much dem dey enjoy for naija until dem come here.

MY WORLD- I guess so too.

ADAEZE- tell me about it. I have it on repeat on my ipod, phone and pc. lol

SCRIBBLES- Good for Dr Generalis. At least he stood up for himself/herself?

LOVEPAPRIKA- thanks hon. That song is killing me right now.

FLABBY- not me.

MIZCHIF-thanks a bundle. I'll try it.

RocNaija said...

lol.. The fear of Diddy is the beginning of wisdom..

Or walking to Brooklyn for cheesecake..

blogoratti said...

Do you know me? Do you know my name....Lol
You saved the day, you go girl*

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, you are so funny. I enjoy reading your blogs ALL the time.

Because you don't give a damn, you are you. And you let them know, I need to start doing that.

Abujamaiden said...

hehehe...At least you aced the class. I remember when the professor told me to write a 'journal'- I almost wrote 'one page diary report' until I realized it was a complex five page thingy and all. lol! The guy was African even. I stayed up all night for the first time.

Now I'm a bix girl sha with 10pagers...lol! Did you have to do those in Uniben?

Bibi said...

ROCNAIJA- cheesecake, yum. lol

BLOGORATTI- I guess so. lol

THE NIGERIAN FETISH- Thanx girl but desperate times call for desperate measures

ABUJAMAIDEN- I studied geology in uniben so not really. I had to go on fieldtrips a lot though. lol

*Diane* said...

Wow! ITK's in this country are ridiculous, and its even more embarassing when they're Naija.Well, good job to you for speaking up for yourself tho.lol

Buttercup said...

did she actually think u guys wud cooperate with her stunt??? mscheeeeew!

im happy u stood up to her jare..

i love that song!

bob-ij said...

HAHAHA So she was one of "those" students. After all that effizee and a C...She dulled badly. LOL. lmao @ getting there 10 mins early, I'm always late, dunno y! Hurry up and finish the post and My sister loves that song..TO DEATH!


BSNC said...

yes oo great uniben.

bibi remember you told me about this chic. i will repeat myself, the girl no get levels. at least you A's the class now :)

Nice Anon said...

lol@ ITK. na wa oh plenty pipo get liver for hia. If not dem go trample on you tire.

Knock you down is on heavy rotation for me right now as well.

Anonymous said...

My problem with people like ITK is that they give future naija students bad publicity (talking from experience). Wont be surprised if the teacher walks into his next class wary of naija students and ready to diss them.

I feel you on the phone ringing jare....I remember times I will stay staring at my phone and thinking "No one has called, do I have to still pay monthly bill for no call?" I used to tell my friends to call my phone so it rings at least.

Heard of a friend who will go to the pay phone and call himself just to hear his phone ring

Confessions of a London gal said...

You tell her girl!
I so used to hate those foolish ppl that used to be like that or the ones that use to decide to ask questions wen class was almost over and delaying the rest of us!


SouLBoutiQue said...

Oh my goodness this SOOO reminds me of my Days in Yankee at Howard..making enemies...who cares you got your A and the babe was showing too much effizy! And i am not a Uniben babe but Momsi was! I don;t think I could have gone to Uniben oh!

Penelope said...

Aww First Time here!! Ure brilliant! lol
Ahhh Shoo...n she's nigerian? A nigerian ITK in a foreign land? Omg could i be dreaming?
Hell nah, she no fit try dah one for this place oh!
Anywais she wud compete wv the chinkoz here so its all gud!
lol..I love knock u down too!
All you have to do is go to youtube n copy the link/ur of the song

n den go to this website
paste the link n download. :)


Dee Brighton said...

nawa oh.. see class captain lol.

P.S: is it just me or is Que getting ridiculous?

Chi-Chi said...

1st time here!
na wa o
it's always good to be outspoken and have courage

you probably saved the whole class

JustDB said...

LOL.. As Roc once commented on one of my posts -- Na overskill dey kill Ninja.. Keep repping Naija and Hall 2 jare!

Tisha said...

hey ya
its really different. i schooled in Lagos and our lecturers wer like hitler.
you had to suck up to get good grades sometimes
guess it made me tough enough for life in Naija. so i am not so bothered about it any longer.

watch ur back sha!

UnderCover07 said...

How come I'm just seeing this!!!
For a second there I thot someone has cloned me and hence the similarity in stories.

I went to Uniben, even though it was jst for my 100l b4 moving to Yankee 3yrs ago...and yup I went thru the whole culture shock thing. Ppl being rude to older folks, and a whole bunch of other things that just wldn't fly in 9ja.

Nice blog!

Bibi said...

DIANE- it is the most embarrassing when they're najia's. makes you feel like knocking them up the head.

BUTTERCUP- thank you jare o! mscheeeeeeeeeeew. thats my jam!

BOB-JI- naija mentality. you won't believe how many classes i have to beg the prof for just for being late. never again!

BSNC- abi o

NICE ANON- i have to slow down on that song o! i'm afraid with this rotation, i won't be able to tolerate it in a couple of days!

NAIJAGIRL- i never went that extreme but maybe if we had fone booths here i would have. lol

CONFESSIONS- lol @ jabanjantis

SOULBOUTIQUE- i like your mumsy already

PENELOPE- awwwww, thanks girl. and thanks for the tips!

DEE BRIGHTON- Que is getting ridiculous.

CHI CHI- thanks!

JUSTDB- hall 2 ke? hail hall 1 jare

TISHA- yes o! i'm watching it

UNDERCOVER07- thanks! and thanks for stopping by

chayoma said...

my favorite song right now( it always changes lol)

Elizabeth said...

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