April 23, 2009


Mehn! I am in such a cranky mood today. Maybe the fact that I am tired explains why. or maybe because I was late to work today, no scratch that. Been late to work the whole of this week explains why i'm tired and cranky. But no, maybe the fact that my upstairs neighbours will not let me sleep in peace explains why I am late, tired and cranky! For the past couple of days I have been hearing serious bed humping sounds. Complete with the moans and groans. If this happened for a couple of hours, it wouldn't be that bad. But this happens all through the night!!. On monday I left my room and slept on the couch. Tuesday, on the floor. Imagine that! If they start again today, I swear, i will use a mop stick or something to tap on my ceiling/their floor. Haba! A girl can only take so much. Mscheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. (sorry, been doing a lot of that lately. lol)
Anyways, this week I have been tagged by the sexy SCRIBBLES and the beautiful BSNC for some meme's. since i have been procastinating on this, I have decided to close my eyes and do them now. *sigh*
Okay, here goes for Scribbles
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.*They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.*You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.* Dont google ur answers.*Make it as interesting and fun as you can.

1. What is your name: Bibi

2. A four Letter Word: Babe (hey scribs.lol)

3. A boy's Name: Babatunde

4. A girl's Name: Becky

5. An occupation: Booty shaker (work na work)

6. A color: Black (my favorite)

7. Something you'll wear: Belt?

9. A food: Banga soup

10. Something found in the bathroom: Bathrobe?

11. A place: Benin (holla)

12. A reason for being late: Bra (gotta stack em up! yeah right)

13. Something you'd shout: Bend down select! (no i wouldn't. really)

14. A movie title: Big momma's house

15. Something you drink: Barcleys (i guess)

16. A musical group: Backstreet boys (*sigh, moons, blinks rapidly*)

17. An animal: Bitch

18. A street name: Brown log

19. A type of car: BMW (for chizzle)

20. The title of a song: Back that thing up

*Pheeew* okay for BSNC,

8 Things I look forward to

1)Getting a new job in July. So bored with this one right now.*yawn*
3)Getting my car this August
5)Getting done with this class i'm taking right now. i'm practically counting the days. seriously
6)Seeing a friend I haven't seen in about 3 months!
7)Eating BSNC's paycheck for the first time! make you ready o. because that day, cheesecake factory and your wallet go hear am!
8)Finally, my next paycheck of course. the job might stink but the money doesn't.

8 Things I did yesterday

1)Had a salad for lunch
2)Took my weave off. found out that chica cut my hair! good thing i have a lot of it. if not...
3)Flirted with dude
4)Designed a new storage pattern for my jewellries. have a whole bunch of them so i had to find them some storage place. bribe me and i will share. lol
5)Went to class *yawn*
6)Thought about going to the gym
7)Got paid. which is why i took the hair off in the first place. lol
8)Told a coworker off for trying to bully a new coworker.

8 Things I wish to do

1)Get my scripts produced. soon
2)Open a fast food joint in Naija. will do
3)Learn to sew.
4)Own an estate. A 10 house estate actually
5)Build the biggest mall in Lagos. lol
6)Sponsor an unfortunate child through school
7)Kiss Tyler Perry. *giggles*
8)Win the lottery so i can do all of the above. lol. well, with or without the lottery, most of those if not all will come through. *wink wink*

8 shows I watch

1)America's next top model. even though i ain't never gon be up there
2)Bill Bellamy's who's got jokes. they are hilarious!
3)For the love of Ray J (whenever i get the time). by the way, who won that show? anyone know?
4)All of us. but since Tia left, it has not been the same
5)Baldwin hills. Gotta love Justin
6)Harlem Heights.
7)Top chef. Delicious
8)Project runway. Beautiful

8 bloggers tagged
*sratching head*

2)Nigerian Fetish
3)Original Mgbeke
4)Nice Anon
5)Cappucine Baby
8)Qube the wordsmith

Now i breathe feely. Enjoy...


Tinu said...


Tinu said...

sorry about you humping neighbourss!!nasssty mehn!!!
hopefuly u get some sleep!

Phoenix said...

2nd!!! off to read

Phoenix said...

2nd!!! off to read

Phoenix said...

Aww poor thing, i think u should try that mop thingy or write a nice note asking them to keep it down and slide it underneath their door.

If them no hear i authorize you to use any force necessary!!!

Nice Anon said...

Haba! How can people continue to be loud like that every day? I agree with Phoenix. Write a note to them and let's see what happens after that.
Why tag me na? I no dey do tags.

Dante said...

lol@ your neighbors...lol

Lol @ eating BSnC's paycheck...keep my share for me abeg!!!

UnderCover07 said...

...U rili shd write a note...ahn ahn!lol.

Interesting memes!

RocNaija said...

Ehmmm.. Sorry you can't eat BSNC's paycheck..
Me & her have an agreement!! *wink wink*

I say give your neighbours a taste of their own medicine..

Any takers? :-D

Writefreak said...

Men, i can't imagine what you're going through...so sorry love! i won't want to have your neighbours..or maybe i should say thank God for naija concrete walls! lol

TDVA said...

nice. i might consider doing this meme now...

as for the humping neighbours, talk about live porn. think i might enjoy listening..lol.

and i feel you on that stinking job that pays well. mehn!

Adaeze said...

TAP THAT CEILING! Don't they have no shame, not allowing you to sleep!

I love the 8 meme thing.

mizchif said...

Lol @ ur neighbours...I kinda wish i could disturb my own neighbours like that oh (i keed, i keed)

As for that yeye boy they call Ray J, shey u know he went and picked Cocktail in the end ni?

BSNC said...

eya kpele. i would tap that ceiling o. what's their own sef.

i miss banga soup, its a lie you will shout bend down select..lol

er whose paycheck.. okay okay i got your back now, we ll go to that buka in DC abi...

Sweetnothin' said...

wink wink @ booty shaker. what are the qualifications.
lol@ your neighbors...get an earplug

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL, Kiss Tyler Perry? That's some funny chit.
Yo I used to have those loud sexin' kinda neighbors. Very foolish people, and they prob wondered why i wasn't the friendliest when I saw them out and about. Mchewwwwwwwwwww!

Cidersweet said...

You're a script writer. That is cool. Your work will be published, amen. Very good of you to stand up to the office bully.
Eyah, sorry abt the neighbours. It's not funny.

Qube The Wordsmith said...

pele on d noisy neighbours.....tell em to shut it or put on ur own show lik Roc said *wink wink*

Cappuccine Baby said...

Lool sorry about the neighbours o :D

flabby said...

oh damn- i forgot the shows in my own meme

anyhow it was long enough jore!

being up all nite cant be sexy at all!sowwie

disguisedfeelings said...

a reason you'd be late is becos u were stacking ur bra up? with what? lol.

My World said...

Very funny...
When is d script gonna b publishd?
Lol @ your neighbours..

Omo Oba said...

this babes, i feel ur pain on those ur neighbors, ehn, na men... u need to ask them to carry their oshi go somewhere else or if not, ask them to share...***clearing my throat***, geez, wherez my mouth these days? Congrats on graduation, they are the best ceremonies to celebrate after weddings and babies of cuz. oh and I LOVE ANTM too, Aminat is my girl!

JoanPeck said...

Lol!!! Disturbed sleep all through thenight? What kinda guy can keep that up?
Use a hammer--mop stick will probably not drive the message home, if you know what I mean. ;)

Bibi said...

TINU- i did yesternight. Finally. that one's a story for another day. lol

PHOENIX- it didn't get to that anymore. God intervened on my behalf. *wink*

NICE ANON- well, you have to do it o! or i will pour hateration on you o! be warned!

DANTE- by the time i am done with that paycheck, even BSNC will not see anything left.

UNDERCOVER07- yeah the meme's are not that bad. consider yourself tagged!

ROCNAIJA- i would. if i was getting laid. as BSNC's paycheck manager,i hereby declare that your contract has expired. lol

WRITEFREAK- really, there is nothing like it.

TDVA- consider yourself tagged! as per the live porn...trust me, the movies are better. *wink*

ADAEZE- Tell em! and thanx

MIZCHIF- tell me it is not true! Ray picked Cock tail? lol

BSNC- which buka? you nor hear me say cheesecake factory? Mscheeeeeeeeeeeeeew

SWEETNOTHIN- earplugs huuh? sounds like a good idea

ORIGINAL MBGEKE- nor mind them jare. craze dey werri them. mscheeeeeeew. lol

CIDERSWEET- AMEN!!! thank you o!

QUBE- lol. oh how i wish i could!


FLABBY- it ain't sexy at all trust me.

DISGUISEDFEELING- with my boobs of course. duh! lol

MYWORLD- immediately i find some sponsors. interested? lol

OMO OBA- aminat is tha ish.

JOANPECK- well, from the looks of the guy, he practically walks around in an erection so...

Anonymous said...

reason for being late...bra? hahahaha
is bitch an animal? hmmm


SouLBoutiQue said...

I saw Banga Soup and I couldn't continue reading anymore...my stomach started growling...sigh!

Rose said...

Hopefully,your neighbours quiet down soon...

jhazmyn said...

LOL at the neighbours...all night ehhh? pls tell me they dont have jobs they wake up to in the morning, if they do, i need to know what they are on...if they are the level headed type, u cud talk to them i guess.

As for ur script, add me to the list of those waiting on it..wish ya d best

Anonymous said...

yay!! I was somewhere within your note!!


bumight said...

8 things u did: "thought about going to the gym?

u're crazy!...and i finally found my way here, after fashinga's jazz cleared from my eyes.

see my blog for details!

Bibi said...

NAIJAGIRL- Yes o! i am stacked and of course a bitch is an amimal. a female dog abi?

SOULBOUTIQUE- i know what you mean jare. i tried making banga soup here but it just wasn't the same.*SIGH*

ROSE- thanks and they did

JHAZMYN- Thanks jazz. lol


BUMIGHT- thinking is an action abi? and i thank God that fashingaas jazz did not work o!

bob-ij said...

I'm sewing too. I know what you mean about classes. Hang in there! ANTM is the ultimate...


O'Dee said...

Sorry about the sexfilled noise. It must be annoying. hopefully you'll sleep much better this week.

*Diane* said...

lol about your neighbours! I agree, if they don't stop, i think you have the right to tap the ceiling w/ a stick.

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

Feel you on the neighbours, giv ethem a long hiss anytime you pass them i think they will get the message , if not you are hereby authorized to use the mop and anyother thing available. ok

btw nice meme
if you got paid yesterday and you are looking forward to getting paid, the money must be going pretty fast lol, i bet on some fine ass shoes.

Buttercup said...

i go through the same thing with my neighbours and my bro and his gf in the next room..double arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Geebee said...

You sure can now breathe. Doing pending tags feels like paying huge debts. lol @ your post title - ALL I OWE and lol @ kissing Tyler Perry. You be lazy girl o. Bored with your job, school, classes etc and you want money. Hmmmm, well things definitely happen and these days, the theory of hardwork being the only road to success has definitely become extinct to say the least. lol. Enjoy jare, my sister.