August 29, 2009


Hey y'all, what's good? so much has been happening recently but i'm just taking them in stride. we'll talk about those later. But for today, i have a beef with BSNC but we will get there in time. lol
So, i ususally take an aerobics class every thursdays at my gym and its actually fun! but initially, i thought the instructor was a glutton for punishment (actually, she still is). she just loves to see someone in pain! as in serious pain. its funny now that i'm used to it but it wasn't initially o! i felt like strangling the skinny b*. lol. not anymore though. So last thursday, i got to class a little bit early and started doing some warm ups. and in walks these two chics. they are gym buddies cos i've seen them a couple of times. you know all those notice me types abi? Those types that walk into the gym with some kind of hot pant and bra thingy lol, the type that climb on the bikes and "work out" for a really long time but not even one ounce of sweat will pour from their bodies because they have the resistance set on 0? which is just as easy as playing ten-ten? yep, that's the kind of chics they are. no pun intended. lol. so this particular day, they walked into the class and just started doing all sorts of stretches and jumping up and down. as we were about to start, the punisher asked if there was any newbites and the girls waved. she told them that the rules of the class was that you could not stop unless going for a water break but even your water break should not last for more than a minute and even then, one part of your body must be moving. like, you can be drink your water but your legs should still be in sync with the class. lol. the girls were like "no probs" "no probs".

CHIC1- we usually work out for 3 hours everyday so this should be a child's play. hahahaha

THE PUNISHER- okay, just remember that you can't leave midway.

CHIC1, CHIC2- no probs, no probs

the punisher was like take your places and all that. we all lined up and started our warm up session. its usually a one hour class. 15 mins warm up, 30 mins work out, 15 mins cool down. so we start the warm up session(which is not a child's play o!). these chics where beside me and within about 8 mins they are panting heavily. which is normal for a first timer. but what got me cracking was when the punisher said "okay! i'm sure everyone's warmed up now! so lets get started!" they chics exclaimed seriously o!

CHIC1- Warmed up! o God!

CHIC2- We're not even started?! so what have we been doing since!

we start the main koko and these girls were almost crying o. The punisher saw them and started laughing (i told you she's a glutton for punishment abi?) their pain made her focus on them entirely. she moved to where they were and started "coaching" them. Bad thing is, she had her microphone on so everyone could hear her talking. no scratch that. everyone could hear her shouting. lol

THE PUNISHER- i thought you said you work out for 3 hours everyday?! well, it sure ain't showing now! work those abs! i can see you've been eating one too many doughnuts huh?!

CHIC2- no!

THE PUNISHER- it hurts?!

CHIC1- y...yes

THE PUNISHER- Good. hehehehehe! twenty more to go!

i pity for those girls heh! before the class was even over, they were already lying on the floor. and the punisher had to send them out so people wouldn't step on them. worse of all, the walls of the class are made of glass and some guys outside who enjoy a little bit of voyeurism usually stand and watch. they laughed at these chics heh! even by the time the class was over and i was leaving, they were still talking about "the girls who didn't have no stamina".

So, finally we get to BSNC's part. let me state my case. as we all know, the accused did a special on her 50th post, (yeah yeah wharever). and at the end of the post, she did a dedication to every blogger you can think of. verrrrrrrrry long list! (so tey, i tire to read am). but you know what aggrevation she committed?! she "forgot" imagine that, "fooorgoot" to put my name!!!!. chei!!!! i have suffered nor be small! so Bibi is now so easy to forget abi? after all these years of friendship, you would think that...never mind *sobs* but blogsville, is it fair? *sobs* isn't this an infringement on my right as a friend? *sobs* what on heaven or earth have i done to deserve such...such abandonment? *sobs* Okay o! i understand that Bibi does not qualify as a blogger anymore *sobs* okay o, no wahala. its all good. *walks dejectly to the corner*
But before i go, i am putting up a poll. if you agree that an injustice was done to the defendant, please vote from these options.

a) BSNC, how could you?

b) BSNC, it is so unfair na!

c) BSNC, na wa for you o.

d) *shakes head*

Please choose your answers and vote in your comments.
*sobs* thank you for your time. bwaaaahhhaaaaa. *wipes nose*


TRYBES said...

To err is human, to forgive divine..forgive her cuz i think like her blog says, she's had a lot to think lately and mostly preoccupied with tots of em..em...

*did i really say that*..

Really had me laffin with those gurls show of shame if you may call it all..

Anonymous said...

lol...i say kill bsnc...lmao.kidding.

Bibi said...

TRYBES- forgive you say, i'll think about it. lol

LEGGY- bring the torches! lol. kidding too.

BSNC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tinu said...

no all of the above option?????
BSNC no try o!even tho my own name was there!!!

TayneMent said...

lol@ the girls. I know their types, good for them jare.

Rene said...

lol....i'm with leggy...hehe

Nice Anon said...

make una leave me you hear. vote ke? leave our BSNC alone!

miss.fab said...

Okay I vote a, b, c, d for BSNC and I support leggy too! Death to BSNC!!!!!!!!

Lol I'm kidding! Am I not your #1 fan ehn BSNC *winks* lol... But sorry sha o Bibi, chai. This is what you get for abandoning us! Lol

Lmaoooooo at the punisher and those chics. Hahahaha serves them right!

Ms. 'dufa said...

This is just like naija election. U didnt give us much of a voting option. Lol

So since we must vote, A- D it is. Forgive our Dear Bsnc. Na mistake.

LMAO at those girls. I wonder if they'll come back. Wish i had an instructor like d punisher.i need it.

Ebony~!* said...

LOL eyah the punisher no try shy, she was stranglingg sisi's swaggz oh! me i can't make too much noise on BSNC oh, as she remembered to put my name b4 blow will follow me. Forgive her!!!!! :)

Bibi said...

Tinu- see?! Thank you jare! You too much. *wink*

Tayement- hehehehe, I know abi? I enjoyed their pain too. lol

Rene- welcome to the club. Hehehe

Nice anon- vote for the betterment of your socety! lol

chayoma said...

oh my word...those chicas! LMAO.
But BSNC didnt mean to omit ya name, did u BSNC?
i dnt think so
*shakes head*
Just forgive her oh!

bob-ij said...

d. I'm shaking my head till it falls off I better check if I'm there ...hmm.. but those poor gym chics...i can't do all that!


RepressedOne said...

LOL@ them girls...but why u hating on them skinny b*&c&e* na? j/k

Biko wetin be the name of the aerobic class? That sounds intense.

Abeg forgive our dear BSNC i'm sure she didn't mean it na...

Bibi said...

Miss fab- na wa for you sha! You nor just support me at all! And yes o, the punisher nor try at all. Hahahaha

Ms dufa- *wink* that's the whole idea. lol. I'm prettty sure there's a punisher everwhere. lol

Ebony- the punisher never dey try. lol. As for bsnc....

Fabulo-la said...

Ah ah what is with all this hatred for BSNC biko?

BSNC Cheerleaders where are you????


As for those skinny bitches...LMAO

blogoratti said...

*shakes head* (Err BSNC,come and defend urself na!)
As for those gals,all i have to say is-no pain,no gain*

Miss Natural said... in terms of stamina and fitness i'd be in the same position as those girls. I wudnt boast about it. That must have been so humiliating for the boi. As for BSNC....welll she really did a strong ting lol...wowwwwwwwww (but BSNC you knw i love u, no matter what i say we'll still be friends shey?

RocNaija said...

She sounds sadistic..
But it works if she gets you fit, so can't hate on that..

I think I'll need to apply to be BSNC's defence lawyer..

No win no fee..

BSNC said...

ahn ahn bibi i said i was sorry now. biko

thanks alot people, so some of you want me dead.. kai i don suffer o.

roc oya defend me now :)

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

lol @ the girls from ur class...

about BSNC, sorry can't vote on that one oooo...but you've been missed! :-)

Shubby Doo said...

lol@ your beef with BSNC - haba bibi no vex're more than just a blogger to her now...ting between una strong pass fire anything fire fit finish...your friendship dey kampe!

@BSNC - *shakes head*

Geebee said...

lol @ the notice-me-girls who had no stamina. They definitely met their match in your ‘punisher’ of a gym instructor. This one wey you dey gym like this, you sure say you no dey among the upcoming MTN Gladiators? On your beef with BSNC, omo, e dey happen o. Doesn’t mean she loves you less. In fact, the best people are the ones who are not mentioned, if that’s any consolation. Anyways, I choose option ‘d’ in my vote.

Myne Whitman said...

Ahh I plead for the accused, it was a mistake. LOL

aloted said...

lol at the chics and the punisher...hehehe

Biko..please forgive sure she didn't mean it...Ndo, no vex..u hear?

Anonymous said...

Do not forgive her. I don't like that blogger.

**OnYxStA** said...

Forgiveness? Nope, not my greatest gift but when u do...a ton of weight is lifted off ur shoulder

Penelope...! said...

Looooool @ the girls...aww i can only imagine hahahaha.

I choose D)*shakes head*

Good Naija Girl said...

Hey it sounds like you're a fan of punishing too! Imagine you saying the punisher is tough and then calling out poor BSNC like this lol.

Anyways I select c. Na wa for you o, BSNC! What were you thinking, forgetting a whole Bibi just like that!


An incredible injustice was done. In fact, wissai BSNC dey, I have proper koboko over here that can get you justice, lol! And, please anyone with a rotten mind should clear their heads sharpish =)

Hope all is well. Update soon, okay