August 14, 2009


Hey people, whats good? first of all, let me say that it feels so good to be blogging again. long time no keypad. anyways, how has everyone been? any new bloggers i don't know about? i guess i have to look up sting on that one. lol
Alot has been happening and has happened in the bit i've been away. from my card getting charged a ridiculous amount for a porno site, to me falling in love with a 86 year old man.(really, it as been a wild ride since i've been away and i can't wait to share with you guys and get your opinions again.
Lemme tell you guys about the porno thing. A couple of weeks ago, i was trying to buy some shoes and I gave the sales clerk my ATM/debit card and she told me that it was rejected. What do you mean by rejected? i have been working my ass off for the past couple of weeks and that account was supposed to be the fruit of my labor so what do you mean by it was rejected? (well, i didn't exactly tell her that but i definately thought it!) i immediately went online to check my account. my savings was still intact but my checkings was reading -$495.00!!! for what?!!. i called the bank up immediately. if you see the list of websites that i had "supposedly" subscribed to heh, the names of some of the made me blush, if you can imagine that! sites like brazzers, f***dhard18, animeplanet, and so on and so forth. the sites ran up to a total of 12! 12 porno sites! me ke?! i have not even graduated from my little romance novels that talk about things like his manhood and her secret place, talk less of sites with names like f***dhard?! I was asked to go to my bank and file a report. i was cool with it until i got there. i was sent to the office of this drop dead georgous guy who was to attend to me. chei! your girl has suffered sha! see what i went through

DROP DEAD GORGEOUS DUDE- Miss Bibi i see that your account was overcharged due to some subscriptions to sites

ME- Err...yeah. i mean, so i heard

DDGD- yeah well, i'll ask you the names of these websites and you'll tell me if you recognise any of them okay?

ME- sure

DDGD- Erm... most of these sites where posted between the period of June the 30th and July the 4th. the first is for a site called do you recognise them?

ME- unless they sell brasiers, i don't believe i know of them.

DDGD- (laughs)no, they definately do not sell brasiers. the next is for do you know of that?

ME- nope

DDGD- okay, the next is for f*** do you recognize that one?

ME-, i don't.

DDGD-the next says, are you a... i mean, do you recognise this one?

ME- no i don't and no i'm not a lesbian

DDGD- i didn't ask you if you were

ME- you were about to

DDGD- no i wasn't and the next is...

ME- look, i haven't recognised the ones you just asked why do you think i'll recognise the others?

DDGD- Ma'am, i have to do this okay?

ME- okay

DDGD- the next is...(stretching tie) ma'am, would you mind if i just gave you this list to go through instead of reading them...

ME- the list would be fine thanks

from supertitties to amazingbutts to analslut and so on and so forth. by the time we were done, he had released his tie like, seven times. lol. and as for me, my ears felt so dirty. i was so embarrassed! and i had to fight the urge to scream at him, 'i didn't use all these sites okay, so next question!!!" but i had to seat there and endure all the...names. just by hearing the names, i'm sure my little laptop will crash if i even type in the names. na wa sha! although i have no issues with this person watching porno, my question is why did they decide to use my card for their viewing pleasure? anyways, my money was refunded after a whole bunch of drama. thank God for that.

P.S- did i mention that i didn't actually subscribe to those sites? someone was just using my card illegally. yeah well, just wanted to clear the air on that one. lol
By the way, i finished my script! Yay! i just had to because i had another story eating me up. i just started my second called DYNASTY. yay me! lol


BSNC said...

we didn' miss you

BSNC said...

bibi you can lie ohh, didn't i see stack of porn CD's in your that ok thatwas joke)

did you ever find out who did. by the way welcome back...

Yinkuslolo said...

hahaha at BSNC's nabbing u, jokingly.

dont mind those porno sites, they attack me too with some singles in my neighborhood. guess u have to be careful, these days, messing with ur personal stuff can get to identity theft.

Anonymous said...

lol..just like when im about to watch movies with mega video and they tell me

Good Naija Girl said...

Welcome back!

I'm glad you got the charges reversed; thank God for that!

People who steal your financial info often do for things like porn or gambling or something. Boo on them!

Mcrazy said...

Oh boo..
That's not very nice but LOL at your convo with the guy and how he was loosening his tie..lmao.You must have felt so Awkward.
thank Goodness you got your money back.

akaBagucci said...

Dang.. Thankfully, it didn't go beyond that.. Once knew a bloke whose company AMEX card was hijacked and nearly lost his job mehn....

Nice Anon said...

I did miss you bibi. Hope you stay around this time.

That is one messed up situation.

Buttercup said...

OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank God you were refunded o. The script you wrote, is it for a movie or what?

Tinu said...

I missed u big time!!!!!!
hope u stay longer tho!!
thank God ur money was refunded!

RocNaija said...

I want more gist about the script jo...

Keep an eye on you bank statements though, cos the guys that got your info probably still have it..

In fact you should probably cancel your card and get a new one..

miss.fab said...

Loooool at those sites... Hahahaha! I personally don't understand why people pay for porn when you can get them for free.

At least you got your money back

LG said...

welcome bac dear, if i say i no miss u' na ...!!! :-)

Tigeress said...

identity theft must really suck. pele. so when do we get to read this script?

chayoma said...

Damn!,seriously? that's a website people? lol.
atleast they refunded the money.
But of all things, it just had to be porn! Not gambling, not online shopping, not... PORN! that was some horny bugger.
And the dude at the bank? Damn, it was getting heated in that office, huh?
Good to have u back

rayo said...

omg.sorry oh. bad that it had to be a fyn boi askn u dem qustions. lol

Original Mgbeke said...

Hey! I've missed you ooo. LOL @ the porn subscription. The scenario with the bank dude is funny but ultimately I know that it has to suck. I hope that you are on your way to sorting everything out. Pele o!

Writefreak said...

Been long! Welcome back! Seriously, i'm glad you got your money back o! Yay you on the go girl!

Geebee said...

Welcome back, Bibi. You were definitely missed. Now, I love this comeback story. Jeez! Imagine the embarrassment you must have felt, although I’m still thrilled by the humour in the story. Adult sites used to appeal a lot to me back in the day but definitely not anymore, although I confess I still have one or two adult stuff on my phone that I look at from time to time . . . just for vain pleasure (hey, not to arouse myself o!). Just for ‘lookery’ purposes! lol

bumight said...

identity theft is a very serious matter! ure lucky ur bank refunded your money. i suggest u take more definite steps to ensure that it doesnt happen again!

blogoratti said...

Went AWOL on us eh...hnnnm did i miss you. Let me see....i'd answer that in your next post,how about that:)

Bibi said...

BSNC- who asked you? mscheeeew. you saw porno in my house?! liar liar pants on fire! lol. i didn't find out who did it but that one na the bank problem. as long as i got my money back, i'm okay.

YINKUSLOLO- yes o! i really have to keep an eye on my bank statements i guess. i just tend to throw the papers in the trash when i get the mails but not anymore. lol

LEGGY- lol. you use mega video? so do i. but i never can get a movie by searching straight on megavideo. although when i search it on google, i find a link that takes me to the movie on megavideo. doesn't make any sense to me.

GOOD NAIJA GIRL- awww, thanks girl. don't mind those peoples. they don't have anything to do with other people's money than to watch porn. if he had bought a car with it nko? i would have chased him and taken the car o! lol

MCRAZY- i don't blame the guy though. if i was a guy, i would be loosening my tie too i guess. lol. i'm glad i got my money back too. and thanks for stopping by 

AKABAGUCCI- i know, i'm so lucky o! thank God it didn't progress to something else entirely.

NICE ANON- Its good to be back. thanks and i missed you too. i'm back for good now though. lol

BUTTERCUP- yes o! its a website. i think. lol yes o! its a script. i'm on my second yet. lol

TINU- tinu love! long time! i missed you jare. thank God i got my money abi?

ROCNAIJA- i'll def post a clip of the script soon. as for the card, i got a new one immediately o! once bitten twice shy i guess. lol. long time Roc.

MISS FAB- ask me o! but that one is their business
LG-you missed me?! you really did?! yay! i missed you too.

TIGERESS- It sucks big time. as for the script, i'll post a clip soon.

CHAYOMA- yep, he sure as hell is one horny dude. lol. thanks, i'm glad to be back

RAYO- i know, its too bad that the first day you meet a guy is the day he gets to ask you about boobs and sex. lol

ORIGINAL MGBEKE- lol, dude took pity on me and paid me my money in full. guess it was too akward for him. lol

WRITEFREAK- thanks mehn, i'm beginning to become a write freak i guess. lol

GEEBEE- Not to arouse yourself heh? okay o, if you say so (although i'm sure nobody believes you) lol

BUMIGHT-girl, you don't need to tell me twice. i'm definately taking preventive steps. no more!

BLOGORATTI- even if you didn't miss me, i know i missed you. lol. nut i have a weird feeling that you said next post cos you think i won't be back heh? we'll see about that. and i expect a response on the next post. which will be sooner than you think. lol

Tisha said...

i wanted to tell you to be careful cos your mind is where your creative process is at!
but i see you are not interested in porn.
your blogs cool

Repressed One said...

Awww welcome back, were missed.

lol@ porn stash. At least you got a refund. I know someone with a similar experience [not porn sha] and the bank wouldn't budge...buggers!

Repressed One said...

oh congrats on the first book and g'luck on the second one :)

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

first time being here.. will be back most def!!! lmao at what u went through!!! lol... dat must have bin crazy..... guess ur life isnt boring like some of us eh??

Blowing Blessings Your Way XOXO said...

welcome back!'s crazy how someone used ur card wat an embrassing experience at the bank!...sorry o

Ms. Dufa said...

Welcome back! Glad you got through that. That must have been quite embarrassing. Na wa for that person o, all those websites for one human being

Anonymous said...

Oh we miss you! Lol, no one missed me when I came back. Lol, so your loved. But yes, don't care about the porn thing.

Lol, how about this new man? OOhhhh tell us more about that!

Anonymous said...


if you didnt who did? and why are you tryin so hard to convince us eh?

*wiggles eyebrows* we're blogville citizens, you KNOW you can trust us eh?

hehehehe lol!

Naija bad boi.... said...

welcome @ ur conversation wiv the i know i wont have been able to pronounce all those names sef....i for just ey stammer....
neways...nice post jooo

Sweetnothin' said...

lol...of course i missed one..

Shubby Doo said... poor thing...hope u got your money back sha

aloted said...

oh mine! lol..serious wahala!

thank God u got ur money back...

lol..this post was a funny read..

and yes u were missed :)

StandTall-The Activist said...

Lol at Dead Georgous! Do you ever find who was responsible? And welcome back.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

but bet it wasnt so funny.
My friend once stole my credit card to buy a £365 present for her boyfriend. The stupid girl had the company mail the stuff to him thats how my bank found out who had used the credit card. We are still friends *sigh*

Myne Whitman said...

i have not even graduated from my little romance novels that talk about things like his manhood and her secret place, talk less of sites with names like f***dhard?<<<<<

This just cracked me up.

You're really a writer? I am trying my hand at a story in my blog. Maybe you can give me feedback. I love your posts.

Rene said...

lol@ d guy streching his tie...feeling guilty i guess...4 him?

Anonymous said...

hope you changed your atm card o!how did they get your information sa?

Miss Natural said...

I missed you ohhhhhhh. another hilarious post. I wud have used the opportunity to flirt with him though a 'good girlish kinda' way. like, 'who me' and innocently looking at him. I'm 'mostly' joking lol. good u got ur money back. kai, all these fraudsters take the piss sha.

doll said...

Wow! lOl

Walker said...

pele. identity theft is a very serious matter! ure lucky ur bank refunded your money. i suggest u take more definite steps to ensure that it doesnt happen again!

Anonymous said...

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